A meeting between two. The secret

A Meeting Between Two. The secret.

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The long original version, including the theme to the TV series “STORM – not yet produced – by Yoram Marcus.
A revelation, kept secret: An autobiographical story of a doctor – the filmmaker – about who was his great love, which changed his life. The core of the film is a personal discovery, which has been kept secret for years: Who is the ‘role model’ of the creator? The personality Which inspired him? And why she is so special, so unique? The film is about the connection between the two, and reveals, for the first time, her identity.
The film: An autobiographical story of a doctor – the filmmaker – about the meeting between him and who was his great love: A drum majorette (in the past), which changed his life forever.
The plot itself is semi-fictional, and takes place in the same cafe where the creator met his lover years after their separation. The meeting, was the trigger for the creation of the film.
The film reveals the author’s rich creative world, which is a creation of TV series and movies with their music, and unveils the connection between this world and his longtime lover, as well as her identity.

Directed by Yoram Marcus and Eyal Kantor (Israel)

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