I Was One of Them...

I Was One of Them…

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The film is a portrait of three women in Kenya – Cecilia, Joyce and Jane – who were at one time impoverished. Two were on the verge of ending their lives because they could not feed their children.  Through the guidance and education from a program called Kianda Business Women Support Program, each woman gained the confidence to create a business that supports their families. We see how each was given the chance to grow, thrive and empower those around them. Jane, who entered the program with a small business, a one-room clinic, today has a 10-story hospital that has treated over 3,000 patients.
The women illustrate the transformation made possible through the power of mentorship, friendship, and unconditional support. What world could we create through education that empowers and transforms the lives of women? Cecilia, leaves us with the thought, “When you empower a woman, you empower her whole family, the whole community, the nation and the whole world.” 

Directed by Carol Ciancutti (Kenya)

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