Boreal Twilight

Boreal Twilight

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“Boreal Twilight” is the second episode in Emmy-winning composer Kristopher Carter’s Seasons Suite for Piano and Orchestra. The tour through the Four Seasons was initially inspired by the isolation of the 2020 pandemic and chronicles our collective journey out of it. While the first episode, “Autumn Ruminations,” reflected the impending uncertainty of the pandemic lockdowns, “Boreal Twilight” paints a scene that while life may appear frozen and still on the outside, inside is an unquenchable desire to reach out and connect. In the spirit of the pandemic times, the piece was recorded remotely with the various musicians’ performances mixed together after the fact.

Carter composed and orchestrated Boreal Twilight in March and April, 2022. He performed and engineered the solo piano at his home studio in Los Angeles in August of the same year, and subsequently collaborated with the F.A.M.E.S. Studio Orchestra, conducted by Oleg Kondratenko, and members of the Helix Collective for the orchestra sessions. Carter also produced, mixed and mastered the recording.

Filming for the music video took place in Skopje, Macedonia, during the string recording sessions, and in the composer’s Los Angeles studio. Carter directed, shot and edited the music video.

Directed by Kristopher Carter (USA)

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