We Have To Eat That Puppy

We Have To Eat That Puppy

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This Film is entirely rendered on AI Midjourney.

Our ancestors knew the secrets of the universe and the laws of nature. In ancient times, Eastern cultures and the indigenous tribes of far off lands lived in accordance with nature. To them, all life was sacred – plants, insects, animals, humans, spirits, Earth. When they harvested crops, they knew it was so because the time had come. They sought blessings of the land before they consumed their crops. They had unspoken rules about who and what to hunt. It was done with a motive of survival and not sports. Their sense of right and wrong came from their synchronous living with their environment, and from their wisdom.

Humankind today, however, has lost that wisdom. Maybe we are brainwashed to follow a herd mentality. Maybe we are too lazy to find answers ourselves. Or maybe, our sense of identity is buried far in the depths of mindless consumption and instant gratification of the modern world; in the cowardice of ‘what will people say’ and in the passing the buck of ‘everyone does it so do I’.

We Have to Eat That Puppy is our effort to delve into this existential quest. To understand and seek what is our right and wrong? Where do we draw the line between doing what is expected of us and doing what we believe in?

It is the sad reality of our current state, and this carefully designed short film takes us on the journey of coming to a realization which we never thought we ever would. Do we know ourselves well? Will we ever be good enough without others’ validation? Do we have the courage or the conscience to risk our lives for our love in case of a apocalypse? What is our deal maker and breaker? What is our right?

Directed by Sathya Bharath Balan (India)

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