Parents Together Forever

Parents Together Forever

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Remember Lockdown? Remember being stuck at home with your little darlings 24/7? Remember suddenly being expected to have a complete working knowledge of the National Curriculum, whilst at the same time producing three square meals a day, mastering Zoom work calls, walking the dog, avoiding catching/spreading Covid, not falling down a conspiracy theory well, and (pause for breath) still finding time to go to the toilet?

Remember it?! Of course you do. Parents Together Forever is a glimpse back into the heady, halcyon days of the first months of the pandemic when none of us knew what we were doing but were all supposed to be holding it together, ideally without the help of prescription drugs and/or a vat of wine at breakfast.

Is it too soon to laugh about the horror of homeschooling? We don’t think so.

Directed by Keith Farrell (UK)

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