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Jordyn, an 18-year-old college freshman with an incessant need to control her environment, intends to spend a productive night-in working through her homework assignments. She has the room to herself as her roommate is away for the weekend. Surrounded by predominantly undecorated white walls, Jordyn becomes hungry and restless, so she steals a few cookies from Allison, her music-festival obsessed roommate.

Realizing she doesn’t feel right, Jordyn begins to panic that the cookies may have marijuana in them— having had a bad experience with a bong in high school. Finally getting in touch with Allison, she tells Jordyn that the cookies do not have weed in them. They are, however, laced with LSD.

The harder Jordyn tries to focus on her essay, the more disturbed her trip becomes. A text from her “Ma” singes and burns through her hand. Allison tries to get Jordyn to relax over the phone, acting as her “trip guide.”

While trying to unwind to calming music, Jordyn begins to hallucinate a childhood memory— having to look after herself in her sloppy house as her mother is passed out drunk/ high.

After awakening from her vision, Jordyn spends all night collaging the previously naked walls on her side of the room. She cuts out magazines and clutters the floor with clippings. After she finally falls asleep, a completely decorated wall is seen with the words “Organized Disorder” written in large, clashing letters.

Directed by Max Lauren (USA)

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