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In Home Free, we meet Rosemary Dyer who was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for killing her abusive husband. At the time of her arrest, domestic abuse could not be used as evidence in court. Rosemary has a chance at a release due to new laws in California. We hear from Sunny Schwartz, a veteran in prison reform, as she attempts to build a transitional home (Home Free) for women who are getting released after being in the system after 30+ years. Fiona Ma, California’s Treasure Secretary, hasn’t turned her back on this movement since introducing the new laws 12 years ago. Meanwhile, there is a global pandemic and COVID-19 is sweeping through America’s prisons. Rosemary has many health problems so exposure to COVID-19 could be life threatening.

Directed by Leslie Grisanti (USA)

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  1. Home Free is a first of its kind transitional program for survivors of abuse that have spent decades in prison after suffering horrific forms of abuse. Their work to ensure Trauma informed Care and successful Parole in a nurturing community environment more than applaudable its been a lifetime in the making. IT TAKES A VILLAGE…

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