São Paulo, Closed City

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From the perspective of five street dwellers, the documentary offers an insight on how the coronavirus pandemic affected the homeless population of São Paulo in 2020.

In March 2020, as a result of the spread of Covid-19 throughout the country, the São Paulo State Government declared quarantine. However, the empty streets of the largest city in Latin America have made its more than 25,000 homeless people more “visible” than ever. Faced with this the new scenario, existing issues such as hunger, little access to water and medical treatment, lack of shelter and violence have become even more threatening for this population.

Locked from the outside, inside of shelters or on the streets, in search of water, food or medical treatment, their personal view on their own condition and the current moment seeks to expose the social inequalities that became glaring in this bleak scenario that is also captured in the images of the city’s streets and landmarks from march to august.

Directed by André De Franco (Brazil)

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