Public Relations

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PR creatively explores the psyche of a woman who seems to have everything to lose yet cannot control her violent rage when wronged! Chelsea Chisholm, a successful Publicist, is in high demand because of her stark reputation as a “shark in a fish tank”. This master of manipulation and fixer is a victim of sexual abuse, a violation she never processed positively, leaving the wounds and gained trauma unhealed. Chelsea’s husband and college sweetheart, Andrew, a successful real estate developer on the brink of losing his business, has a secret family he is keeping from his childless wife. In the pilot, Chelsea sets aside the disappointing news of yet another negative pregnancy test with hopes of joining motherhood by exploring alternative options. Unfortunately, her world is rocked when Chris, a financial advisor, informs her of outlandish charges made toward an unknown company. Following the leads provided by Chris, Chelsea unveils her vengeful tactics, leaving a bloody trail of destruction along the way.

Directed by Thomas H. Stewart and Elle Jae Stewart (USA)

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