Lonely Encounter

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Winter Solstice is a time for family reunion at the end of each year. It was a Winter Solstice night, and members of every family gathered at home for dinner.

However, it was a lonely night for Keung, a taxi driver and Hei, a foreign student. Having lost his beloved wife a year ago, Keung spent all his time alone, and was trapped in the emptiness of losing his home. Feeling no sense of belonging from his family, Hei had always longed for leaving, but it only led to a repetitive and monotonic life.

On the Winter Solstice night, Keung was looking for customers on the gloomy street while Hei was having difficulty getting a taxi in the taxi stand. Finally, Hei got into Keung’s taxi.

The encounter between the two men in this taxi was almost like a drowning man in the ocean seeking apiece of driftwood. But it seemed impossible to answer, who’s the drowning man? And who’s the driftwood?

Directed by Jenny Wan (Hong Kong)

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