Breaking and Entering

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Breaking and Entering
Breaking and Entering

Corrine (29), is a down on her luck alcoholic who also suffers from hypersexuality. Late one night she’s desperate for a drink and attempts to break into a familiar pub.

In the darkness of a back alley, Corrine mistakenly enters the wrong establishment and finds herself locked in a morgue with a dead body covered by a sheet. She eventually gets up the nerve to pull the sheet away, only to discover Dillon (30), her one-time boyfriend and the only man she truly loved.

Confined with Dillon’s body, Corrine travels through the past in a one-way conversation, re-examining the causes of their break-up and all things wrong; and reliving one thing that was always right.

Corrine’s ultimate assessment of her condition causes her to finally grab control of her life and enter the next phase on her terms.

Written by Michael William Hogan (USA)

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