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The story begins 70 years ago in 1947. David is an orthodox Christian who has a daughter named Monica.She has a lover boy named Lucifer.David comes to know that both of them are Devil worshipers and perform satanic rites. He pleads with a Father from the church to save his daughter but the Father himself is gruesomely killed. While Monica and Lucifer perform the satanic rituals at home, David kills both of them and self. 70 years later a newly wed couple Dinesh and Sheila settle in this house as it is an ancestral property for Dinesh. It so happens Dinesh ‘s uncle dies in the village and he has to go leaving off Sheila. Now, she witnesses terrifying paranormal activities. Now, Dinesh informs her over phone that he is returning back.She now takes a bath in a tub and the Ghost of Monica appears and kills her. She takes over Sheila’s body. Dinesh returns and it is now revealed that Dinesh is none other than Lucifer who is reborn. He has lured Sheila and married her so that the Ghost of Monica can have a body. They now continue to perform the satanic rites.

Directed by Rajdev (India)

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