The Real Witches of West Hollywood

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People think The Real Housewives are savage, but what if they had the power to hex each other? Meet the Real Witches of West Hollywood, Sabrina and Bellatrix. They are rich, fierce, and DO NOT come in peace – especially when faced with “normal people problems” like stalker ex-boyfriends, competition to their “magic 4 mortals” store Kahnjur and impending banishment into the depths of Instagram Hell (aka Hot Girl Jail). In the previous episode, Sabrina and Bellatrix realize they need an assistant and what better way to hire someone than with nepotism? Will Sabrina’s hot cousin, Nina, be down for employment or will sh*t go down? Let’s see if the Wetches survive the drama…

Directed by Leah Lamarr and Carlye Tamaren (USA)

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