Dreaming of The Moon

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We have power over our choices. But what choices do we have, when The Power decides…?

Plot Summary
A Sci-Fi story, takes place 200 years in the future. An estranged son meets his famous dying father, who passes on to him his last dying wish – to save the Moon. The film tells the story of the choice one person must make, either for the good of humanity or to its detriment.

It is the year 2212, Sir Richard Melville Power has become one of the richest and most influential men on Earth. Two years earlier, Sir Power gave up control of the Powers Corporation and passed it on to his son, Christopher Linus Power, everything except for one mysterious fund. He did not give any explanation of this, which resulted in a complete fracture in the relationship between father and son.
Although technology has not yet made man immortal, the Power’s level of wealth , can buy certainty of the exact time of one’s death, which is commonly known as “End of Life Cycle”. Knowing he is about to die, Sir Richard Power arranges one last meeting with his estranged son to tell him his last wish.
Christopher and Matthew Evans, the family counsellor, arrive at the Power mansion two hours prior Sir Richard’s calculated time of death. Matthew urges Christopher to be kind to his father, since he knows about the lifelong troubles between the two of them, and asks Christopher to reconsider his decision to sell something that is extremely important to his father. Christopher promises to try his best.
Only Christopher is present at his father’s deathbed, when Sir Richard finally reveals the nature of this nameless fund. More than 30 years ago, Sir Richard learned about the “LUNAR PROJECT”, where leading conglomerates proposed to use the Moon as a dump for toxic waste and as military grounds. Sir Richard Power knew about the real reason behind these plans, that they wanted to mine the Moon’s core for the metal L-834. A newly discovered top secret element.
Along with this, the dying father reveals that he has been acting against these plans for the past 30 years. He established a fund within the Power’s corporation and dedicated the rest of his life to saving the Moon, buying it piece by piece from private owners. Finally, he managed to acquire the whole Moon, which now belongs to the mysterious Fund or, to be more precise, the Power’s family. Sir Richard asks his son to keep the Moon safe for the sake of generations to come, as a link between the past and the future.
Unfortunately, over the last two years while the father and son were apart, some major conglomerates had been waiting for Sir Richard to finish his mission and acquire the entire Moon so that afterwards, they could approach his son, Christopher Power, with an offer to buy it all at once. An offer Christopher accepted.
The film leaves the audience to wonder whether the father accomplished his last mission and saved the moon, or whether he failed and his son sold it.

Directed by Michael Step (UK)

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