The Story of the Night: The Story of One Night

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In celebration of the rich tradition of live storytelling, this short film features Kurt Rosenquist telling his cherished 25-year old story in real-time to a group of close friends during a dinner party.

To the guests’ delight, Kurt artfully and meticulously delivers his tale that captures the events of one evening in the early 90’s in New York, when he unsuspectingly finds himself under the spell of an innocuous pair of vintage hand-me-down patent leather shoes.

The initial purpose of this short film was to simply document Kurt telling this wonderfully quirky story in his particular distinct storytelling-style and to share this event with a wider audience. After completing the shoot and reviewing the footage, we realized that the spontaneous playful interplay between the guests, the crew and Kurt was almost as important as the ‘story’ itself. By including this activity throughout the film, the message has broadened to offer the film-viewing audience a glimpse into the intimacy and magic of a communal storytelling experience.

Directed by Susan Lori Frank (USA)

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