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How far will you go just to see your loved one survive? Lolo Aurelio goes to such a lengths to help his grandson endure, if not overcome, the pain that is consuming his young body. Unwanted and unloved Marlon, was abandoned by his parents since birth. Lolo Aurelio takes care of him, and make sure that he wants for nothing. but it will take a miracle for Lolo Aurelio to ease his grandson’s burden because the illness that is eating up Marlon i s a rare and lifelong disease.

Directed by Geraldo Jumawan and Sherwin Compendio (Philippines)


  1. Goodluck Sir! At Sana madami pa po kayong magawang short film and more blessing pa po dumating sa inyo sir! Goodluck poo

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  2. I’m Now part of that production and I’m really sure that this Short film is really Good.. The Cinematography and the Story itself.. I wish that This Film Will have an Award.. Because it’s really worth it. THIS SHORT FILM IS MUST WATCH.

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  3. Good luck to another heart-warming film that will touch the lives of the viewers. I’m sure through this film, we can appreciate more the importance of our films that can influence people.

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  4. thank you for this inspiring film, it’s really help us to understand the all happen in our life and to treasured all the memories with our loving family.

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