The Ascension of Ava Delaine

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“The Ascension of Ava Deliane” is a female-led, female-centered project boldly revealing a woman becoming more confident, more sexual and more valuable as she ages.

This experimental short marks the directorial debut of Tonya Kay, backed by a diverse, predominantly female team including our female cinematographer/drone operator, writer, producers and sound designer. Eighty percent of the crew is female and 30% are People of Color.

“The Ascension of Ava Delaine” stars a single actress, Tonya Kay (Jane The Virgin, The Fosters, Lone Ranger), moving through an extremely athletic Empowerment Fantasy. Behind the scenes, the actress performs four real-time quick changes while sprinting up four levels of the vertical location, to meet the drone on a new floor, in new wardrobe, in a new decade of time with a new set of emotions.

All this in just five minutes. In a single take. Shot entirely on drone.

Directed by Tonya Kay (USA)

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