Girls of a Feather

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A group of elderly ladies usually go on trips together. Their sisterhood and solidarity are stunning. In the film, we see them heading towards the fishermen’s village at Elmax in Alexandria to spend the day and eat fish; the poor fishermen have nested their houses along the water channel which runs from the river Nile to the Mediterranean sea and have managed to earn their livelihood from fishing. There are plans to demolish the area. The film documents all the hubbub of life there, through the eyes of the elderly ladies, before it is gone forever. The elderly ladies sprinkle the place with love, joy, and laughter, hence making it more beautiful and radiant. No wonder, for despite its marginalized status and its seeming poverty, the place is known as “Venice” to those who find it beautiful, and whose hearts throb with love for life.

Directed by Dina Abd Elsalam (Egypt)

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