Semi-Finalists: May 2023

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A Meeting Between Two: The Secret by Yoram Marcus and Eyal Kantor (Israel)

An Audition by Brenton Gardner (USA)

Blue Hour by Esther Um (USA)

Coiffeur Extraordinaire – Waiting For Legros by Lance Lucero (USA)

Deliberation by Colby Clanton (USA)

Enter the Green Abyss by John Andrew Quartaro (USA)

Girl on the Beach by Monjoy Joy Mukerji (India)

Guise by Atul Ravindra Joshi (USA)

I Dream in Lithuanian by Owen A. Talandis (USA)

In Progress by Katelyn Lexant (USA)

M.I.A. by Langston Wilkinson (USA)

Measure Twice by Collin Surbeck and Esme Zohn (USA)

NWL: The National Wrestling League by Cam Haldeman (USA)

Old Men on the Beach Looking for Loose Change! by Jamie John Macdonald (USA)

Pieces of You by Keya Shirali (USA)

Reading for Jackie by Sheresade Poblet (USA)

Roomie Movie Night by Asha Bagal Kelly (USA)

Shrink by Theodore Keana Lewis Andrews (USA)

Silence is Amnesty by Tyler Valley (USA)

The Box by Ivana Pavlinić (Croatia)

The Godfather Part II: The Birth of The Godfather by Eason Vonn (Yixin Wang) (China)

The Horse of Big Red Robe by Haoyu Niu (China)

The Judge Part One by Mesut Kaya (USA)

The Portrait by Marcel Barsotti (Germany)

Two Little Fish by Farzam Salami (USA)

Underground by Michelle Phu (USA)

Wisdom Tree by Karan Wadhwa (USA)

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