Nominations for Performance: May 2023

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Best Female Director

Alicia Buckner for Colored White (USA)

Erin Elizabeth for No Air for Angels (USA)

Jess Philipps for Lifeline (USA)

Nadia Guo for Run, Chad Run (China)

Tara Garwood for The Strangle of Ivy (USA)

Best Male Director

Fon Davis for Rock Inn (USA)

Haibo Wang for Someone Who is Punctual (China)

Jeremy Johnstone for Gold In Them Hills (USA)

Kyle Cassie for Anti-Social (USA)

Madison Drew Liane for 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (USA)

Best Student Female Director

Eliza Mitnick for Journey (USA)

Kasia Damulewicz for The Lunatic (Poland)

Liana Shan for Her, Her and Him (Canada)

Peipei Liu for Burn The Flower (USA)

Ruby Wang for Pop! (USA)

Best Student Male Director


Best First Time Female Director

Ai Wan and Alessandro Ceschi for Built for Sin (China)

Asel Abakirova for Traces on the Wall (Kyrgyzstan)

Caroline Bevaart and Harald Swinkels for Drawback (Netherlands)

Eunjin Lee for Playing House (South Korea)

River Decleyre for A Night in Lisbon (Portugal)

Best First Time Male Director

Ben Élie for Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale (USA)

Changlong Gong for Eva’s Conundrum (USA)

Dean Harder for Christmas at Doug’s (Canada)

Gabriele Pirisi for Spinning Top (Italy)

Harald Swinkels and Caroline Bevaart for Drawback (Netherlands)

Best Young Male Filmmaker


Best Actress

Adèle Galloy for A Night in Lisbon (Portugal)

Chelsea Sik for Foreign Planetary (USA

Emilie Ullerup for Anti-Social (USA)

Hervine De Boodt for Doctor Harriet’s Four (Germany)

Tammy Kaitz for Motel Room (USA)

Best Actor

Hannibal Romero for Title 26 (USA)

Italo Angel Spotorno for Light On (Chile)

James Hong for Rock Inn (USA)

Kyle Ferris for Genesis (USA)

Stephen Michael Kelly for The Righteous (USA)

Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Adèle Galloy and Langston Uibel for A Night in Lisbon (Portugal)

Juliana Schoettler and Jean Rosolino for The Strangle of Ivy (USA)

Pancho Moler-George and Evan Eckenrode-Marcus for George & Marcus (USA)

Robert Dill and Stephanie Savić for Twenty One at the Belle Saloon (USA)

Turen Robinson and Skylar Adams for Long Beach Vice (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Aaron Merke, Terry Ray, Lisa Bell, Alan Wong, Lauren Cochrane, and Shannon Guile for Christmas at Doug’s (Canada)

Alliyah Faith, Palatisa Laurel, Joseph Adu, B Z Cullins, Tianna Tuamoheloa, Kathi Simone, and Manuel Dayan Batista Angarcia for Invidia’s Lens (USA)

Brian Corbett, Erik Clemensen, Dane Clemensen, and Josh Cooney for Hold On, Sir: The DMV Experience (USA)

Jessica Mahogany Mitchell, Pamela Knight, Reese Davis, and Katy Atkinson for Bloom (USA)

Kevin Williams, Comfort Andrews, Chrissy Bergeron, Canaan Dewey, Kiera Jacob, Adam Piacente, Mike Perea, Mike Neely, Natalie Porretta, Maureen Kedes, John Reneaud, Amanda Berke, Jackie Fox, and Tim Stanton for Hey, I’m The Doorguy! (USA)




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