Semi-Finalists: May 2022

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A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

Bait by Marishka S. Phillips (USA)

Beneath the Body Paint by Kristin Burns (USA)

Big Cat Chronicles in the Land of Maharajas by Sayan Sinha Roy (India)

Break It To Me Gently by Justin Stuckey (USA)

Coin Toss by Ruiyan Li (USA)

Colfax by Jesse Christopher Theobald (USA)

Don’t Cry by Hisham Zreiq (Germany)

Everything I Could by Christopher Armienti (USA)

From 11 to 1 by Ricardo Castillo (USA)

Harold Meets a Giant by Ethan Funk-Breay (USA)

LadyBug by Orlando Davis and Tim Hanaseth (USA)

Last Night by Mykah Charette (USA)

Main Bhi Social by Nitin Patil (USA)

Medea by Feifei Zhong (China)

Meeting Dad by Robert Jarzen (USA)

My Ghost by Michael James Hull (USA)

N.E.W. by Hsuan-Wei Wu (USA)

Nightshade by Yongkai Lin (USA)

No Pants On by Asha Chai-Chang (USA)

Present Perfect Continuous by Brandon Stewart (USA)

Promises by James Naleski and Azara Christienne (USA)

Quiver by Kristen Petrarca (USA)

Remember Me by Aaron Griffin (USA)

Remembrance by Michael Kumar (USA)

Scary Story by Larry Guernsey (USA)

Sharing Destiny: The Forgotten Slaves of Mauritania by Sébastien Kraft (USA)

Shiver by William Leslie McLelland, Joshua Daniel Beausoleil, and Logan Raymond Stewart Hale (Canada)

The Black Hole by Ethan Edward (USA)

The Everlast by Robert Flowers (USA)

The Final Doubt by Kirandeep Karnati (USA)

The Girl From Gaza by Nicolas Aujula (UK)

The New Cupid by Jalen Christopher (USA)

The Sea by Sahra Ramezanian (Iran)

The Search For Love by Adebomi Adeyeye (USA)

The Universe Is Hostile To Computers by Derek Alexander Muller (Australia)

The Writer by Simon Vadas (USA)

Tierra del Fuego by Oleksandr Lozytskyi (Ukraine)

Transcend by James Matthew Storm (USA)

Under Attack by Joshua Nelson (USA)

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