Nominations: May 2022

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of May competing in 62 different categories.

These projects were shortlisted from an official selection pool with a 46% acceptance rate, based on submissions from 21 countries and a total runtime of 50:13:53.

The nominees represent 30,7% of all submitted projects.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The award winner(s) announcement for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Best Indie Short

Deja Vu by Rayhan Shoshi (Bangladesh)

One More Day by Lufe Berto (Brazil)

Peaks by Navzad Dabu (Australia)

Best Drama Short

A Horse Called Possum by Tori Layne (USA)

Grief by Tailiah Breon (USA)

The Crossing by Tomas Simonsen (Norway)

Best Documentary Short

Clean Mountains by Geertjan Lassche (Netherlands)

I Never Went to School by Jordan Rodericks, David Muessig, and Baldeep Pooni (USA)

Lake of Records by Will Engle (USA)

My Brother, My Hero Forever! by Ken Vose (USA)

The Woman In White by Roshanak Jaberi (Canada)

Best Comedy Short

A Long Time Gone by Robert George Haines (USA)

Dognapped by Andrew Nimetz and James Mentzinger (USA)

Imitation Yakuza by Kentaro Yamagishi (Japan)

The Conductor by Graham Goldstein (USA)

The Plan by Zaknafein Luken (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

Broken Record by Federico Anderson (Australia)

Candied Lips by Hina Effie Ogino (USA)

The Bacheliar by Alex Kugelman (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Satanic Ritual Misuse by Sam Carter (UK)

That Scottish Play by Armand Hamouth and Brian Kennington (Canada)

Turn Back Time by Jake Estes (USA)

Best Action Short


Best Film Noir Short


Best Sci-Fi Short

The Last Woman by Pierre Stine (Belgium)

The White Rock by Maxime Laurin (Canada)

Worm Food by Joel Slabaugh and Shane O’Loughlin (USA)

Best Fantasy Short


Best Animation Short


Best Women Short

Just Think About It by Eleanor De Fer (USA)

Ocean Mother by Miko Lim (USA)

The Tides by Maryam Hajibeigi (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

Capitol Barbie by Riley Del Rey (USA)

For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas (Belgium)

Rough River Lake by Mary Tilden (USA)

The Lodge by Pam Walton and Ruth Carranza (USA)

Thomas by Adriano Falconi (USA)

Best Microfilm


Best Experimental Short

A Sit Down With Cyn by Cynthia D. Hilaire and Xavier Dubose (USA)

Colorball by Tianyao Tan (China)

Infinity + 1 by Flo Demmer (Germany)

Mikey by Matthew Maffei (USA)

Safer This Way by Danny Erb (USA)

Best Student Short

Creatures of Habit by Mathew William Epp (USA)

Eggs by Neel Menon (India)

The Angel In The Globe by Hsuan-Wei Wu (USA)

The Piano Man by Ezra Meijer (Netherlands)

Tumult by Yu Wang and Xiao Li (China)

Best Screendance Short

Here & Gone by Taylor Graham (Ireland)

Niebościan – Freedom Lives in a Head by Jagoda Turlik (Poland)

The Age Of Anxiety by Stephen Donovan and Mark Dendy (USA)

Best Music Video


Best Web Series & TV Pilot

Die Pretty by Sam Quinn (USA)

Miss Susie Had A Steamboat by Chip Hale (USA)

SmallTown Outsiders by Michael Hill (USA)

Best Web and New Media


Best Mobile Short


Best Parody Short


Best Trailer/Teaser


Best Short Script

Cats Vs. Geese: Episode 2 by Rachel Maria Santos (USA)

I Am Your Daughter, Dad by Seyedeh Azadeh Miri (Iran)

Jolene by Sabrina Besla (USA)

Meeting Dad by Jim Lyke and Robert Jarzen (USA)

Undecided by Sofia Kunz (USA)




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