Semi-Finalists: March 2023

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A Grim Reaping by Isa Ebrahim (USA)

A Sudden Impact by Gil Rivera (USA)

Adam “Blunose” Lopez by James Valdez (USA)

Airmen by Alicia Borja and Logan Satterlee (USA)

August by Gabriel Kaplan (USA)

Burned by Loren Davis (USA)

Butterfly Cinema by Ekramy Maher Bekhit (USA)

Coming Up For Air by Trina Noel Davis (USA)

Echoes by Trina Noel Davis and Barry Berger (USA)

Evelyn Dupree & The Case of the Century Star by Josh Minnie (USA)

Frozen in Time: A Magical Night in New York by Stephen G Mcharo (USA)

Gateway Eyes by Andrew Graziosa (USA)

Hey Katie by Ned Caderni (UK)

In the Fog by Wayne Yu (USA)

Infinite Love – Dreams that Cross the Ocean by Eddie Lin (Taiwan)

Infinite Love – Overcome Struggles and Pay It Forward by Eddie Lin (Taiwan)

Infinite Love – Pass on Love with the Underwater Mailbox by Eddie Lin (Taiwan)

Infinite Love – Walk at Your Own Pace, We’re Here With You by Eddie Lin (Taiwan)

Infinite Love – Wrestle for a Better Future by Eddie Lin (Taiwan)

Jewel of the Dragon’s Skull by Josh Minnie (USA)

Last Memory of Spring by Samuel Mitchell (USA)

Limbo Laugh Factory by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Look Backers by Andreas Blair (USA)

Mallard Ballet by Mary Piller (USA)

Medicated by Eva L Hoffman (USA)

Method by Ashwin Vijay Agrawal (India)

Mmamello by Teboho Tema (South Africa)

Niemandsland by Christian Ignaz Peintner (Austria)

On My Side by Alena J. Tam (USA)

Phasmophobia by Alvin Roy Sutanto (Indonesia)

Quietus Of Man by Frank Rice Jr. (Japan)

Rake by Christopher Mays (USA)

Shave Me From Myself by Jackson Schlekewey (USA)

Spare Room by Andrea Johannes (UK)

Squidacus by Rob Nightingale (USA)

Staycation by Russell Emanuel (USA)

T’ai Chi Man! by Zach Brewster-Geisz (USA)

Tempting Fate by Terry Luke Podnar (USA)

The Bird Master by Lanting Gu (China)

The Blue Sun by Junpu Huang (China)

The Boston Photograph by Clennon L King (USA)

The Foxhole by John Kestner (USA)

The Impure Season by Dan Thomas Brown (USA)

The Inevitable by Jamaal Fields-Green (USA)

The Inn by Jared R Wolfe (USA)

The Next to Last Supper by John Kestner (USA)

The Pizza Paradox by Abhisek Roy (USA)

The Ride by Alysha Haran (USA)

Trade-Off by Niso Kapsalis (USA)

Up and Over by Jordan James Gore (USA)

Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illness by Moe Taylor and Kristal Kent (USA)

Virtually Single by Amy Gardner and Lorien Haynes (UK)

You’re It by Jonathan Heap (USA)

Your Neighbor by Travis Zariwny (USA)




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