Semi-Finalists: June 2021

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A Lions Heart by Kevin Kapellas and Sara Nunez (USA)

A Special Dinner by Haley Pine and Brendan Egan (USA)

Bicycle Pump by Martin Jason Asprey (USA)

Bloodline by Richard Poche (USA)

Breathe by Lizette Hunter and Angel Contreras (USA)

Cage in a Bird by Stefan Allen Buhr (USA)

Center by Jacob Cromwell (USA)

Coming Home by Bobby Daniel Rodriguez (USA)

Cultural Tourism by Katie Kessler (USA)

Dear Rosa by Gaele Sobott (Australia)

Deranged by Omar Azimi (USA)

Despacito Dancer by Richard Wolf (Canada)

Detrop by Dillon Heinrich (USA)

Elisa and Middle-Earth 2 – Role Play by Julia Dubreuil (France)

High Hopes by Ida Vincent and Tammy Martin (USA)

How To Be A Superhero by Brendan Caleb Calton (USA)

I’ll See You Soon by Jacob MacLean (Canada)

It’s All a Game by Joan Kabugu and Yusuke Sato (Australia)

Jack In The Deep by Skinny Andy (Japan)

Just Want You to Know, How Much I Appreciate You, My Angel by Youxin Yang (USA)

Notes from the Underground Percussionist by Mimi Garrard (USA)

Paranormal Micro Bites by Eduardo Ramirez (USA)

Pedacito de la Tierra by Lina Lyte Plioplyte (Mexico)

Pillow Fight by Hunter Hopewell (USA)

Pink Purple and Blue by Kabir McNeely (USA)

pOPpORN by Missy Jubilee (Australia)

Praying Mantis by Zachary Tarrant (USA)

Relatable by Robert Christopher Smith (USA)

Sardines by Philip Alexander Mills (USA)

See You by Caesar Nie (China)

Sell It To Me a Different Way by Zack Travis (USA)

Sender’s Address by Isa Rose Jennings and Beckett Hobbs (USA)

Shakedown by Dillon Heinrich (USA)

That Much to Say by Vance Miguel Johnson (USA)

The Doctor Cares by Dave Beaumler (USA)

The Infinite Dream Machine by Zachary Tarrant (USA)

The Ink of Your Eyes (L’encre De Tes Yeux) by Hervé Cœur and Pedro Oberto (USA)

The Last Breath by Anthony Cox (UK)

The Longest Day of the Year by Lauren Hoover (USA)

The Pestilence by Paul Persic (Canada)

The Seaside Is Our Home by Chantal Lorang (Luxembourg)

The Stress Hat by Rubina Mian and Omar Mian (UK)

Together; Alone by Ian Rippel (USA)

Transplant by Vanessa Vivas (USA)

Uprooted by Jailyn Osborne (USA)

Us The Living by Jackson Gay, Steven Padla, Riw Rakkulchon, and Sinan Zafar (USA)

Wallet by Robert Asencio (USA)

What Do You Want 2 Eat by Tina B (USA)

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