Nominations: June 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of June competing in 63 different categories. These projects were shortlisted from a 46% acceptance rate official selection pool, based on submissions from 25 countries with a total runtime of 40:49:04. The nominees represent 30% of all submitted projects.

Categories not listed below have no submissions meeting the requirements.

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Best Indie Short

All Blood Runs Red by Paul Mignot (France)

American Immigrant by Shady A Mawajdeh (USA)

Maija by Nkanya Nkwai (Cameroon)

Ringo by Ren Akiba (Japan)

Sunshine by Adam Gibson (Australia)

Best Drama Short

Broken Umbrella by Adam Langdon (USA)

Kaleidoscope by Axel Rydén (Sweden)

One More Night by Erik Warolin (Sweden)

The Bloody Peace by Sayed Zuhair Mousavi (Afghanistan)

The Guardian Angel by Afshin Eisaei (Iran)

Best Documentary Short

Affirmative by Chan’Cellore Makanjuola (USA)

It Gets In Your Blood by Ed Hartman (USA)

The Lady from Zeri by Emilio Pallavicino (Italy)

The Next Wave by Vegard Billing (Norway)

Unemployment Hotline by Nikos Campbell (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Balls by Jennifer Fahey (USA)

Bots by Steve Beta (USA)

Revenge by Zhang Heng (China)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Speaker by Henrik Johansson (Sweden)

The Butcher by Bruce Liang (USA)

Trunk by Isaac Ruth (USA)

Best Action Short


Best Crime Short

Party To A Crime by Louis Lartigue (USA)

Rude Buay by John Alan Andrews (USA)

The Butcher by Bruce Liang (USA)

Best Mystery Short


Best Thriller Short


Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Fantasy Short


Best Western Short


Best Animation Short

Forget Me Not by Courtney LeBlanc and Saige Guevara (USA)

Rawr Rawr Land by Antonio Montilla (USA)

Symfaunic by Erin Bergin and Darby Kate Snyder (USA)

Best Children Short


Best Women Short

Body of Mine by Sean Patterson (Canada)

Love Letter by Veronica Badell (USA)

Phoenix by Alexandre Bilardo (Switzerland)

Roberta on the Road by Livi Nichols (USA)

TangoX (with a Sequel) by Alessandra Guarino (Italy)

Best LGBTQ Short

Andrea B by Alessandro Ienzi (Italy)

Goodnight by Revell Carpenter (USA)

Literally Annoyed by Logan Alexander and Jayce Baron (USA)

Best Microfilm

Ideas by Francisco Palacios Reyes (Chile)

Milk Teeth by Alejandra Sánchez (Mexico)

Stranger Danger by Joe Quinn (USA)

The New Normal by Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen (India)

What is the Difference? by Mandev Khalsa (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Die Inside by Orlando Jumelles (Dominican Republic)

In_Sect Day by Polina Dvoretskaya (Russia)

Les Dieux Changeants by Lucio Arese (Italy)

Me! You? by Wissam (USA)

The Caretaker by Emil Engesnes Bråthen (Norway)

Best Student Short

Body of Mine by Sean Patterson (Canada)

Open Air by Jérémie Danon (France)

The Caretaker by Emil Engesnes Bråthen (Norway)

Waiting for Maria by Ariana Cooper Bermúdez (Venezuela)

When The Devil Makes Your Bed by Zachary Tarrant (USA)

Best Music Video

Fearfully Mad by Sarah Goff (USA)

Jordan Hart – Freedom by Michael Joseph McDonald and Joe Bluhm (Canada)

Ro Myra – Irene by Ben Hess (USA)

Seven Dreams by Kira Bursky (USA)

Shadow by L.J. Wang (Taiwan)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Do It Yerself Dewey: Sweet on Dewey – S1 E9 by Bobby Adams and Bryan Ashford (USA)

Literally Annoyed by Logan Alexander and Jayce Baron (USA)

Tapu by Hinano Tekurio Tanielu and Manu Tanielu (USA)

The Drive-Thru Therapist by Mariah Marasco (USA)

Tone-Def: Underground by T.A. Brumfield (USA)

Best Web and New Media

Freedom feat. Trakgirl by Madame Gandhi by Kiran Gandhi (USA)

In the Zone: Rick Kilburn by Kerilie McDowall (Canada)

Orthodox Reaction: A Social Experiment – Protect Black Women by EricaNicole (USA)

Best Mobile Short

Blocked by Mike Donovan (USA)

Impasse by Aleksei Podturkin and Olga Burenkova (Russia)

What About Pops? by Cecilia Seaward (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser

Last Orders (UK)

Providence (USA)

Rude Buay (USA)

Best Short Script

All Aboard! by Jim Norman (USA)

The Golden Idol by Michael Anthony Alvarado (USA)

The Jackal by Guy H. Fisher III (USA)




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