Semi-Finalists: July 2022

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2 Minute Show – A Bag of Hammers by Dik Lee (Canada)

A Kid from Barinas by Andres Sereno (USA)

Africa Day! by Eyette Rose Green (USA)

An Unorthodox Shiva by Cheyenne Jade Barel (UK)

Aphrodizzy by Anton Hing (Canada)

As I Promised You by Samuel Vargas (USA)

Ashes by Eric Bryant (USA)

Black Constellation by Jaime Urquiza (Mexico)

Breed by Erwin Quintero (USA)

Como, Ti Amo by Alexi D Papalexopoulos (USA)

Dolma by Emir Calikkocaoglu (Turkey)

Dream of Death by Jacob A Perkins (USA)

Dusk by Ben Hanley (UK)

Echoes by Garrick Foxx (USA)

Eliseo Art Silva: Finding the Wide American Earth by Loren A Roberts and Roberto San Luis (USA)

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables by Alison Jane Thompson (UK)

Fifty Days by Holly May Morrison and Marie Naffah (UK)

Fly, Black Boy by Spencer Elliott-Hair (USA)

For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas (Belgium)

Golden Boy by David Gonzalez (USA)

Harjot’s Lotto Shop by Suresh Makkar and Harjot Singh (Australia)

Held Up by Ricardo Castillo (USA)

I..I..I… (Your Dreams Should Be Bigger than Your Fears) by Suresh Makkar and Ashish Sharma (Australia)

Island by Alejandro Huerta (USA)

Lessons My Hair Has Taught Me by Luke Rudy (USA)

Life With Coffee by Sohee Jeon (USA)

Lovebug by Veronica Tullo (USA)

Nextea by Javier Otero (Spain)

Of Archives and Ghosts by Zara Ruth Franke (Germany)

Plato’s Cake by Weiyang Chen (Taiwan)

Protector by Mallory Shofi (USA)

Safe Passage (for Sheila) by Erin Fussell (USA)

Shaded by E’ian West (USA)

Strong As Water by Jingheng Lin (USA)

Subverted Expectations by Samantha Schacht (USA)

Tea Time by Emily Brown (UK)

The Duvals by Barry Mcleod (USA)

The Icecream People by Antonia Pollak and Francesca Pollak (USA)

The Spiders in My Backyard by Maggi Hel (Iceland)

Thirty-Three by Bunny Kim (South Korea)

Time Limits by Richard Randall (USA)

Tonight Will Be Fine by Richard Yang (China)

Tragodia by Marco Latour (Italy)

Train to Budapest by Noemi La Barbera (Italy)

Unnurtured by Suresh Makkar (India)

Uqi by Shawheen Keyani (USA)

Vanitas by Yuto Shimizu (USA)

We Are Human Too by Anthony Headen (USA)

Weightlisted by Jeremy Todd Shinder (USA)

Welcome To Fear City by Serge Neborak (USA)

What I Knew He Could Be by Preston Taylor (USA)

Women’s Work is (Screen) Saved by Xtine Burrough (USA)

Yia Yia and Papou by Alexandra Siambekos (USA)

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