Nominations: July 2022

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of July competing in 62 different categories.

These projects were shortlisted from an official selection pool with a 50,3% acceptance rate, based on submissions from 23 countries and a total runtime of 39:05:29.

The nominees represent 30,2% of all submitted projects.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The award winner(s) announcement for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Best Indie Short

Adversariis by Stefan I Knezovic (Italy)

Blurred Lines by Corry Raymond (UK)

Dream A Little Dream by Stefan Rollins (USA)

Lost by Ekin Onat (Turkey)

We Are by Gregory Sankara (France)

Best Drama Short

Angel Falls by Niall O’Brien (USA)

Dispatch by Aeryn Lee (USA)

Father by Alfredo Ruiz (USA)

Father Figure by Ben Willis-Teff (USA)

Yours Truly, Marguerite by Mason Dodson (USA)

Best Documentary Short

Candles in the Window by Bent Myggen, Grazyna Czerny, Tomasz Radziemski, and Piotr Tomaszkiewicz (USA)

Chinatown Auxiliary by Zijun Cathy You (USA)

Mano De Obra by Daniel Salas (USA)

The End by Emily Sundberg (USA)

The People’s Doctor: Herbert Nassour by Josh Sabey (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Active Imagination by Alastair Train (UK)

Kid Nap by Patrick Rea (USA)

Lizzy’s Plan: 3 Peas in a Podcast by Jeremy Mowery (USA)

The Great Princess Diana Caper by Angelo Tantuico (USA)

The Jacket by Gady Meyer (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short


Best Dark Comedy Short

First Time Long Time by Aidan McCarthy (USA)

Madness Incarnate by Olivia Wong (USA)

Postmortem Depression by David Stewart (USA)

The Sponsor by Joe Heck (USA)

What Do I Owe You? by Tyler Miguel Mercer (USA)

Best Action Short


Best Crime Short


Best Thriller Short

Cliff Street by J. Edwards (Canada)

Magnetic by Mike Waugh (UK)

The Mannequin Man by Kip Knight (USA)

Best Mystery Short


Best Horror Short

Maze by David Grace (USA)

Soft Teeth by Phillip Wiedenheft (USA)

The Mannequin Man by Kip Knight (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Western Short


Best Animation Short

Everyday by Smita Minda (India)

Free and Easy Wandering by Jiawei Li (USA)

Friendship by Lin Tam (USA)

Little Hoo Hoo by Jiayao Yu (China)

Pizza Knights by Amelia Jane Vaughan (USA)

Best Children Short


Best Women Short

A Normal Life by Liang Zhao (China)

As It Was by Kayla Avitabile (USA)

Coasti by Alexandra Hensley (USA)

Fault Line by Lauren Himmelvo (USA)

The Canary by Emilie Lowe (Australia)

Best Microfilm

All For Me by Jason R Johnston (USA)

Ants! by Michael Ean (USA)

Joe by Noah Rogers (USA)

Mirage by Caleb Reese Paul (USA)

The Sponsor by Joe Heck (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Lil dab’ll do ya by Brian Parsons (USA)

Rudolf Duala Manga Bell – A German Story by Henrik Langsdorf (Germany)

The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound by Elly Cho (South Korea)

The Many Benefits of Heartbreak by Luke Schroeder (USA)

Tinnitus Will Unite Us by Ethan James Stickley (USA)

Best Student Short

En Attendant X by Yi Gou (China)

Martyn by Richard La (Canada)

Mirrors by Hunter Hulett (Germany)

Remnant by Fernando Pelaez Rovalo (USA)

South Bridge by Darko Silajdzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Best Screendance Short


Best Music Video

A Woman’s Voice by Robert Bruce Ing (Canada)

Freaky by Christian D.K. Long (USA)

Hankland by Henry Jack Toll (USA)

Lullaby for the Missing by Ashvin A Mathew (India)

Toy Llama by Mayuri and Edwin (USA)

Best Web Series & TV Pilot

Journalism 101 by Michael Lopez (USA)

Lizzy’s Plan: 3 Peas in a Podcast by Jeremy Mowery (USA)

Walkie-Talkie by Olivia Dellums (USA)

Best Mobile Short


Best Short Script

Merry Little Christmas by Charli Masson (USA)

Seventeen by Geqi Li (China)

The Delusional Pa by Frank P Mancuso (USA)




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