Semi-Finalists: January 2023

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(Un)Known Caller by Drew Spenny (USA)

After Dark by Canyon R DiMare (USA)

Automate by Diego Zamalloa (USA)

Cogela by Joel Guevara (USA)

Dead End by Haolun Xu (USA)

Death of a Salesman by Senter Bi (USA)

Dissonance by Indy Gott (USA)

Eggshells by Yi-Hong Yeh (USA)

F**k Your Face Navajo by Anne Welles (USA)

Five Legged and Blind by Daniel Imrem and Noah Goldberg (USA)

Forgiveness by Francesca Brice-Martin (USA)

Freelance by Matthew Quaid (USA)

Haze by Alejo Tomas Arana (USA)

House of Ra: The Legend of Reo by Antoine M Dillard (USA)

Keel by Margaret Seid (USA)

Leo y Fernando by Jeremy Iván Goei Videla (USA)

Life is A Gift by Gloria Joy Kazuko Muhammad and Mu Knowles (USA)

Life with the Patels 2: Oh Deer! by Sejal Patel (USA)

Live Free by Jiarong Lu (USA)

Makina by Zef Cota (USA)

Never by Matt Mudd (USA)

Nothing Happened by Eve Ginann Wuthrich (USA)

SerendiPity by Eddie Allegretti (USA)

Show Me the Vision by Roc Flowers and Matilde Bergamini (Spain)

Something Fishy by Sabina Guenther (Germany)

Tears at the Edge of the World by Kevin Seo (USA)

That’s The Password In This Town by Marfisia Bel (Canada)

The Black Man’s Guide To World Travel – Medellin Colombia by Marques Wilson (USA)

The Chance by Terry Luke Podnar (USA)

The Death of Kafka by Kristen Kiertzner (USA)

The Doorstep by Zachary Brenner (USA)

The Eagle Scout by Jackson Janowicz and Erica Colarusso (USA)

The Forger by Jordan Chandler Moore (USA)

The Ghost in The Machine by Christina Giannone (USA)

Tune Up by Stefan Perez (USA)

Werk by Emilia Mendieta Cordova and Charley Young (USA)

Where The Devil Is Fanged by Domonick Giorgianni (USA)

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