Semi-Finalists: January 2022

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2006 by Brittany Samson (USA)

A Phone Call with Harry Whodeeny by Logan O’Brien (USA)

Addictions by Sergei Stern (USA)

All That Glitters is Bronze by Jinji Sayson (USA)

Always Come In Second by Todd Lien and YiFu Li (USA)

Are You There Amazon? It’s Me, Margaret by Josh Henning (USA)

Aspire Vol. II: The Red Carpet by Liam Casey Sullivan (USA)

Bizzarro e Fantastico by Kris Krainock (USA)

Caretaker by Haochen Liu (USA)

China White by Marc Herrmann (USA)

Coping Thoughts by Carley Rose Herlihy (USA)

Counterclock by Mara D’Alò Fonseca (USA)

CSI: Santa Ana by Shaun Lee Newton (USA)

Dance Party by Melissa E. Logan and Nikolas Müller (Germany)

Dead Greed by Michael J Nash (USA)

Down With It by Melanie Sovran Wolfe (USA)

Fallen Angel by Taylor Marie James (USA)

Flood My Basement by Noah Benjamin Miller (USA)

GreenValley by Eduardo Jorge Becerril Quiroz (USA)

Haunted for Life by Hunter Paul Nickless (USA)

Hold the Sausage by Cal Freeman (UK)

Iridescence by Jeremy Hsing (USA)

Noise by Victoria G. (USA)

Oak Hill Drive by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Obama’s Dreams of His Literary Father by James Fitzmaurice (UK)

October by Armand Christophe Etienne Ariel Daniaud (UK)

Profiles In: Art by Eric Chauvin (USA)

Redemption by James Gary Jr. (USA)

Retribution: Bury the Past by Jaleel Sampay (USA)

Ride to Remember by Dominic Stewart (USA)

Step by Sumin Kim (South Korea)

The Apple Thief by Tim Rowe (USA)

The Bear by Alberto Vazquez (USA)

The Box by James Gary Jr. (USA)

The Gilbert Diaries by Frank Modica, Paul Venier, and Janet Cutugno (USA)

The Gilbert Diaries: Nillionaire – S1.2 by Frank Modica, Paul Venier, and Janet Cutugno (USA)

The Man Who Can’t Stop Killing! by Chaitu Madiraju (USA)

The Method by Gideon Aroni (Australia)

The Tale of Harrison Bergeron by Eddie Allegretti (USA)

They Are Fine by Kristy Espinoza (USA)

Voicemail by Tari Kristine Robinson (USA)

Walking Away by Jared Masten (USA)

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