Semi-Finalists: December 2020

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#EndSARS (End The Special Anti – Robbery Squad) by Jordan Lawson (USA)

10/01/2020 by Kevin W Fitzgerald (USA)

1759: The Beaded Moccasins by Marianna Alacchi (USA)

659 by Joshua Williams (USA)

A Better Life by Anthony Ellington (USA)

A Walk in the Forest by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

Alaska Long Hunters by Mark D. Rose (USA)

All The World (Or William Shakespeare Tells His Children A Bedtime Story) by Martin Keady UK)

Beginning of the End by Ching Ching Cheng (USA)

Big White Tote by Qingyi Dong (USA)

Blind Sided by Hanif Karim (USA)

Blood and Rust by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)

Blue Birds by Praise (USA)

Choices by Michael McCallum (USA)

Cleansing by Lauren Vroegindewey (USA)

Crack by Johan Eriksson (USA)

Dance Hit by Marco Deufemia (Canada)

Dasher, the Reindeer by Zupe (USA)

Distress by Sumin Kim (South Korea)

Dweller by Tyris Lemon (USA)

Entanglement by Dan Binns (Australia)

Eridiati – Different Type of Vampire by Charli Brown (USA)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family: Season 2 by Thomas J Connelly (USA)

Fast Feud by Graham Gillett (USA)

Father by Vincent Ge (USA)

Filmtrips by Bill Hayward (USA)

First Offense by Christopher Putlock (USA)

For Two by Karina Finegan Alves (Ireland)

Found by Daniel Michael Tomcik (USA)

Fragrant Rhythms: The Seasons Of Liu Fang Yuan by Qingnian Tang (USA)

From Pain to Purpose – Her Second Service Story by Eva L Fulton (USA)

Full House by Imani A Muhammad (USA)

Get A Job Ya Bum by Stephen Bowker (Australia)

Grotte de la 3eme, New Caledonia by Nicolas Job (New Caledonia)

Guru Taxi by Joud AlAmri (United Arab Emirates)

Happy Halloween by Tom Leveen (USA)

Harmonia Solid by Jake Hart (USA)

Hope Tragic Sky by Michael Garza-Gongora (USA)

Hudood by Daraksha Rehman (Canada)

In China by Les Owen (USA)

Instant Dad by Ernest Johnson (USA)

Joyce Ann by Molly Todd (USA)

Just My Type by E.G. Fendler (USA)

Last Call by Paul Zecharia (USA)

Life After Oblivion by Tommy Anderson (USA)

Life is Complicated by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

Mind Over Matter by Mister C (UK)

My I Love You by E.C. Waters (USA)

My Perfection by Susie Sparkes (Australia)

My World Turned Black by Sage Drake (USA)

Netfixer by Kyle Dubiel (USA)

Oblivious by Roy Boucher (USA)

Olivetti 82 by Gianmarco Santoro (Italy)

Oneland Dharrmbungi Marrangigi by Susie Agoston (Australia)

Open Mic by Harrison Thomas (USA)

Orderly Disorders by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Paramnesia by Dan Couri (USA)

Perception by Kedrick Parham (USA)

PlayNtrafic by TinaB (USA)

Plugs by Brandon James (USA)

Reserve Psychology by Jordan Drake (USA)

Returning Home by Bhushan Thakkar (USA)

Rubies by Bianca Puorto (USA)

Salmon Run by Dane Parsons (Australia)

Senior Discount’d by Jay Pennington (USA)

Shalloween by Giorge Souladze (USA)

Skidoo Ruins by Craig Calman (USA)

Soul of a Typewriter by Nadim Tebyanian (USA)

Stallion Blues by Ryan Oligmueller (USA)

Supply & Demand by Glenn A McBride Jr (USA)

The Apostles by Djibril Eben (France)

The Blair Bitch Project by Peter Loung and Chloe Macleod (Canada)

The Devil, The Killer, The Keyboard by Jackie Chang (USA)

The Nameless Call – Inside Costa Rica by Wow Tapes (Italy)

The Pilot by David Thomas (USA)

The Pool by Adam Bowers and Hayden Livesay (USA)

The Road to Hell by John Wallage (UK)

Through Their Eyes by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Time of Day by Ryan Muise (Canada)

True America by Dashia Imperiale (USA)

Two Weeks Notice by Melanie Thompson (USA)

Up North by Nick Oski (USA)

Vinny and Paul by Michael Lee Joplin (USA)

Waiting Games by Thea Balich (UK)

Wednesday by Alex Kokenis and Alison Hale (USA)

When a Black Man Walks Home by Nick Oski (USA)

Words Without Vowels by Noah Ng (Canada)

You Think You Know Me by John Colón (USA)




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