Performance Nominations: December 2020

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Best Director (Female)

Angie Rowntree for Mirror Game (USA)

Cady McClain for Burnt Feathers, Broken Wings (USA)

Debra Dragotto for 22 Dollar Eggs (USA)

Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy for Tell Tale Signs (UK)

Kiana Woodson for Stop Killing Us (USA)

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon for Until (USA)

Nisreen Alsbeihi Noman for I .. Overcame Hothi Mines (Yemen)

Rebecca Ruhm for Bathtub Chronicles (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Alex Wroten for Endangered (USA)

G.C. Montgomery for Rules To Rule (USA)

Isaac Zambra for Autoscopy (Mexico)

Joe Bartone and Jose Zambrano Cassella for Brides of Jesus (USA)

JuanJose De La Cruz for The Secrets We Keep (USA)

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick for Until (USA)

Mark Cheng and Graham Brown for Something About Bubbles (USA)

Toni Heye for Here’s to the Mammoth (Germany)

Best Student Director (Female)

Ecem Çelik for Ukde (Turkey)

Marley Rankin for The Beauty of Grace (USA)

Nathalie Villarpando for Mi Alma (USA)

Navjot Kaur for A Moment In Time (India)

Nourah Al Hasawi for Courage (USA)

Olivia Lovito for Something Sweet To Settle Your Stomach (USA)

Shreya Jha for The Sun Rises in the West (USA)

Yufan Chai for Speechless (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Andrew Klein for Major Robinson (USA)

Ashton Jacome for There Was Sand In My Shoes (USA)

James Abroms for Johnny Anarchy (USA)

Joao Cueto for The Man of the House (USA)

Marcel Flock and Budbong for Checkmate (Germany)

Michael Hugh for Loyalty (USA)

Michael L.D. Lena for Love is Always Losing (USA)

Nathan Hugh Robért for Keeping Time (Australia)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Alexandra Kukoljac for Then Came Thunder (Belgium)

Ania Gauer and Julien Gauthier for Adulting (France)

Anna Belmonte and Nick Czerula for Summer (USA)

Kate Jean Hollowell for Are They Smiling? (USA)

Liza Pnin for Hell’s Tuesday (USA)

Tuo Wang for Small Town Summer (China)

Yunxia Wang for Chinese Ring (China)

Zhouchunyu Yu for Standard Temperature (China)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Chris T.W. Anderson for What Tiger Wishes (USA)

Cristian Medellin for The Guilty Party (USA)

Justin Rhys Grant for A Piece of Us (Australia)

Mahmut Coşkun for Dust on My Fingernails (Turkey)

Marcel Grabowiecki for What I Can’t Tell You (UK)

Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo for Elevation Zero (USA)

Ruben van Duijn for New Dutch Herring (Netherlands)

Tom Pardoe for Still Here (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Ilana Grollman for Living with Dementia (USA)

Joy Xing for The Pursuit of Happiness (Canada)

Maggie Smith for ZeroNet (USA)

Marley Rankin for The Beauty of Grace (USA)

Tiffany Lu for We Are What We Eat (Australia)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Cameron Heo for Hannya (Canada)

Chase Bolnick for She Is My Music (USA)

Eli Berliner for The Telescope (USA)

Jack Grant-Roberts for Notice Me (Canada)

Rathan P Murganantham for Milk (USA)

Best Actress

Jiaqi Zhou for Standard Temperature (China)

Kate Jean Hollowell for Are They Smiling? (USA)

Kyra Sedgwick for Until (USA)

Layla Steinwald for She (USA)

Lia Peralta for Bathtub Chronicles (USA)

Pauline Chalamet for Adulting (France)

Pax Gonzalez for Hell’s Tuesday (USA)

Vivan Dugré for Something About Bubbles (USA)

Best Actor

Aaron Campbell for A Piece of Us (Australia)

AJ Ruiz for ‘Til Death (USA)

Aus Greidanus sr. for New Dutch Herring (Netherlands)

Graham Brown for Something About Bubbles (USA)

Jacob Brethen for Love is Always Losing (USA)

Jeff Locker for To Be Saved (USA)

Justin Mane for The Mentor (USA)

Kevin Bacon for Until (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Britte Lagcher for New Dutch Herring (Netherlands)

Carissa McAllen for A Piece of Us (Australia)

Francisca Lozano for The Secrets We Keep (USA)

Janira Campos-Puleo for The Man of the House (USA)

Kathryn Worth for Tell Tale Signs (UK)

Marie France Louis for Hurtful Truth (USA)

Nina Mariko Sandquist for What I Can’t Tell You (UK)

Shannon Wilcox for Still Here (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Alex Figueiredo for Then Came Thunder (Belgium)

Alex Mortensen for Love is Always Losing (USA)

Andrew Raygoza for The Wolf Delivers (USA)

Donald Pitts for The Secrets We Keep (USA)

Frank Sallo for Sol Amor (USA)

Gunnar deYoung for Adulting (France)

Robert Sciglimapaglia for Bathtub Chronicles (USA)

Trey Peyton for Hurtful Truth (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Kyleigh Bakker for Waltz Of The Flower (USA)

Nadia Fancher for What Tiger Wishes (USA)

Talisa Stewart for Notice Me (Canada)

Best Child/Young Actor

Cesar Timothy for Living with Dementia (USA)

Gerson Cueto for The Man of the House (USA)

Koren Roth for Boy In A Box (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Brandon Botsford and Oliver Tang for The Secrets We Keep (USA)

Eric Roberts and Kami Sadraei for The Sleepless (USA)

Frankie Wilson and Rebecca Birch for Tell Tale Signs (UK)

Idun Mykland and Thea Sofie Loch Næss for When You Left (Norway)

Layla Steinwald and David Thomas Jenkins for She (USA)

Michael McCallum and Scott Baisden for The Pewter Bros. (USA)

Pauline Chalamet and Dylan Raffin for Adulting (France)

Steph Barkley and Ashley Rae Spillers for Bits and Pieces (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Dileep Rao, John Paul Jones, Beth Scheer, Kelly Pantaleoni, Lia Peralta, Robert Sciglimapaglia, and Anasuya Isaacs for Bathtub Chronicles (USA)

EJ Ezeruo, Himie Freeman, Collin Shephard, Laurie Roach, and Jennifer Silverstein for Rules To Rule (USA)

Kenny Santiago Marrero, Amanda Diaz, and Alyanna Reyes for The Effects (USA)

Pauline Chalamet, Dylan Raffin, and Gunnar deYoung for Adulting (France)

Silas Borelly, Cameron Stout, Brian Duong, Tony Beard, and Justin Burkhamer for Smoot’s (USA)

Tobias Schäfer, Peter Kotthaus, Stephan Wilhelm Müller, Tanja Bunke, Mathias Harrebye-Brandt, Eva Löser, Frédéric Stromenger, and Rainer Meifert for Here’s to the Mammoth (Germany)

Vivan Dugré, Abigail Marlowe, Mikel Miller, Kristin Vahl, Mikel Parraga-Wills, Graham Brown, Martin Morrow, and Mark Cheng for Something About Bubbles (USA)

Walker Borba, Olivia Cordell, Sacaiah Shaw, Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus, Cheri Oteri, Camryn Manheim, Beth Lapides, Atsuko Okatsuka, Ajarae Coleman, and Jim Woods for Endangered (USA)




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