Semi-Finalists: August 2023

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Aquarius by Jordan Fo (France)

Before The Freeze by Tenley E. Raj (USA)

Crossroads by Israela Margalit and John-Martin Green (USA)

Daisies by Sarah Layton (USA)

Escape Escape by Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA)

Fellini Mastorna… A Film of No Return by Jennifer Glee Foley (USA)

For Better or Worse by Bill Foster (USA)

Healer by Conner Nikides (Canada)

Hell’s Gold by Kathryn Christensen (USA)

James by Quinn Wolverton (USA)

Je by Zane (France)

Kings of Taiwan by Syrus Sadvandi (Taiwan)

Lift Me Up by Catriona Rubenis-Stevens and Day Al-Mohamed (USA)

Liminal by Joseph Henry Bondmass (USA)

Meet Me By Our Spot by Andrew Cao (USA)

Metamorphose by Elise Chun Chen Tsai (USA)

Mr. What’s It To Ya by Ryan Jachetta (USA)

Nina by Jessica Mei Gershen (USA)

Quantum Creation by Noa Hadad (Israel)

Remission by Valentina Gomez (Mexico)

Roommates by Jared Gangadaran (USA)

Ruby by Ben Fraser (USA)

Sunny by 신 선명 (South Korea)

Talk to Your Fish by Stella Fife (USA)

The Adventures of Capt Sanchez – Loyalty Test by Jeff Michael Davies (USA)

The Heist (Plan) at Star Century Hotel by Logan O’Brien (USA)

The Last Bullet by Bill Foster (USA)

The Panic Attack by Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA)

The Traveler by Conner Nikides (Canada)

The Turn by Jack H. Wood (USA)

Therapy Session by Darryl Koi Pugh (USA)

Wait by Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA)

What It Takes by Jonathan Byrne Denechaud (USA)

Zoe by Gaby Scott (USA)

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