Semi-Finalists: August 2022

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A Coward’s War by Anthony Bradley (USA)

A Rose from the Ashes by Quinn Friedman (USA)

Abraxas of Emotions: Joy, Anger, Sorrow, and Excitement by Dakyum Breanna Lee (South Korea)

At The Sea by Wenxiao Li (USA)

Babu & I by Randika Perera (USA)

Bad Steps To Rock Stardom by Sullyman The Third (USA)

Blaze by David Antoine (USA)

Bloody Mary by Sreyas Kota (USA)

Buddhist Allegory by Zhi Hua (China)

Coke Boys by Omar Cook and Adonis Armstrong (USA)

Dead Weight by Truong Le Dinh (USA)

Echoes by Garrick Foxx and Natasha Makin (USA)

Evil Within by Marlana D. Ball (USA)

For The Love Of Arts by Aurora Flechilla (USA)

Going Home by Sam West (USA)

Grand Theft Johnny by Dallas Wayne (USA)

Hey Toby Hey Owen: This is Not Sponsored by Valvoline by Owen Dennis (USA)

Home by Sudipta Karki (Belgium)

Home of the Brave by Ian Michael Welfley (USA)

Incident by Napon Anakew (USA)

Little Voices by Marnie Baxter (UK)

Morning Dog by Richard Reinke (USA)

Nein Friends by Lily Micheline Kaplan (USA)

Outside the Wall by David Murillo Galiano (USA)

Project Romeo by Dmitriy Usov (USA)

Pygmalion by Aidan Sullivan (USA)

Quiver by Kristen Petrarca (USA)

Reflective Choice by Dallas Fortner (USA)

Saturday Morning, 9:28am by Jonathan Sherman (USA)

Take Me Back to Earth by Dominic Francisco (USA)

The Burning by Ainsley Roh (USA)

The Fool by Yoshiya Yamamoto and Darius Rubin (USA)

Traveling Out With Grandma In Summer by Shuchang Zheng (China)

Trust by Erik D Beacham (USA)

Your Sweet Talks by Suresh Makkar (Australia)

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