Semi-Finalists: August 2021

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(Memes) by Adrian Paul Beqiri (USA)

A Journey to the Moon by Jack Getschman (USA)

Altar Mosaic: A Visual Shrine in 7 Parts by Jesus Varela Jr. (USA)

An Ode by Warren D. Rogers (USA)

An Orchestrated Evil Professor by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, and Samudra Kajal Saikia (USA)

Anosmia, Please by John McCloskey (USA)

Auto Motion by Ben Mathews (USA)

But the Flesh is Weak by Daniel Streaty (USA)

Captivity by Mehrnoush Rahmanian (Iran)

Certain by Iman Amini (USA)

Chai by Arshum Rouhanian (USA)

Cold Case Killer by Tari Kristine Robinson (USA)

Coretta by Jessica Elizabeth Davenport and Jeaneen Lund (USA)

Coronavirus Ad – Stay Home by I-Jien Jane Kou (USA)

Cycle by Pak Hou Chau (Macao)

Dead Dreamland Seas by Jordan Deal (USA)

Diversity and Desolation by Michael Kureth (USA)

Dud by Tedjo Imardjoko (USA)

El Camino by Aaron Bustos (USA)

Embodyment by Daniel Thorne (USA)

Eternal Rest by Oli Tarquin (USA)

Fort Trumbull by Stephanie Jean Lane (USA)

Game Bros by Brenton Crozier (USA)

Gangsta Island by Ken Lewis (USA)

Generation T by Toriano Lockhart (USA)

Good Devil by Alex K Davies (USA)

Great by Al Wright (USA)

Her Last Stage by Daniel Salas (USA)

Ke Baba Hahalaba by Sudipta Chatterjee (USA)

Last? Chance by Darryl Gardner (USA)

Let Life Happen by Daniel Bolero Zaldivar (USA)

Meeting of the Minds by Matt Knudsen (USA)

Message by Francisco Gacuya (USA)

Message from the Stars by Ryan O’Donnell and Jeff Stein (USA)

Motives by Liam Devine (USA)

On Looking Back by Peter Cunningham (USA)

Orion by Eva Ingolf (Iceland)

Painkiller by Jeff Davis (USA)

Salty by Hayley Nash (USA)

Shattering Faith by Laiku Soares (USA)

She’s Still At It by Susan Felter (USA)

Side Effect by Andrea Shreeman and Renny Grames (USA)

Significant Other by Sam Weiss (USA)

Slice of 2020 by Jamie John Macdonald (USA)

Smoking Gun by David Butterfield (USA)

Some Days by Jessie II Lopez (Ireland)

SoulMatch by Katherine Myers (USA)

Spy Tops Spy by Stash and Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Take The Backseat by Oliver Joseph McNeil (UK)

The Bicycle by Katherine Giroux (USA)

The Painter by Zackary J. Cowell (USA)

The Story of a GOTS Seed by Dinie van den Heuvel (Belgium)

Tu Ausencia by Adrian Moran (Mexico)

Twins by Harrison Ainsworth (USA)

View by Ralph E. Gamba (USA)

Waiting for Eve by Ima von Wenden (UK)

Waterboo by Jeremy Klapprodt (USA)

When The Shifts Change: Episodes 1 + 2 by Lauren Anders Brown (Bermuda)

Your Mouth is Fire by Pedro MC (Brazil)

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