Semi-Finalists: April 2023

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4/4 (Common Time) by Chris Bixi Li (USA)

A Device by Walter David Jones (USA)

A Scene from Synagogue by Alexa Salimpour (USA)

Babel by Jack Komaroff (USA)

Collateral Damage by Imani Njau (USA)

Cry for Me by Ben Cassiani and Daniel Laurent (USA)

Dream Eater by Kim W Blacknall (USA)

Ecaep by Luca Tomassini (Italy)

Emptiness by John Bolbot (UK)

Future Leftovers by Abner Vargas (USA)

God Hates Right Angles by Mary Benedict (USA)

He Wants To Play by Marlana Ball (USA)

Homicidium Cruentum by Alexander Tavarez (USA)

If I Were Prime Minister by ‪Yoram Marcus‏ (Israel)

Kid Chocolate by Brandon”Rick” Alexander (USA)

Marguerite: They Call Me Maggie by Benjamin Burt (USA)

Nick Young by Aidan Ross Singer (USA)

Postman by Anthony Divastanzo (USA)

Purgatory by Alec Patchin (USA)

Recycleosaraus by Kevin Jones (USA)

Stranger’s Love by Yi-Hong Yeh (USA)

Sunday at the Chelsea by Cathie Boruch (USA)

The Devi’s Playground by Chris J Adams (USA)

The Forgotten Community – Mexico by Clayton Lee Lindley (USA)

The Knock by Marcus Liversedge (UK)

The Marked by Reggie Austin (USA)

The Melancholic Remembrance by Scott Lee (USA)

The Right Move by Ezekiel Canaan (USA)

The Silent Sky by Cole Fisher (USA)

To Be Like You by Meredith Esquivel (USA)

Unchained by William Cao (USA)

Wine, Whiskey and Lullabies by Emerald Hardy (USA)

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