Production Nominations: October 2019

Indie Short FestBest Producer

Alexis Capozzi and Ben Meredith for Uncovered (USA)

Jordan Kelly Parrott for Good Kid (USA)

Kelly Gilbert, Damian Lee, Bryan Ratushniak and Maria Sant’Angelo for Viaticum (Canada)

Luca Vannella, Alexis Continente, Vincenzo Mastrantonio, Bobby Holland Hanton, Ferdinando Merolla, Roberto Paglialunga, and Fabel Aguilera for Deep Shock (UK)

Misha Zvagilskiy for Sick Boys Die Alone (USA)

Samuel J. O’Connell, Holly K. Pilcavage, Alex Manganella and Jessica Ross for Blackhole. (USA)

Tim Astor and Chris Abernathy for Butterfly (USA)

William Sineux, Alexandre Melot and Gabriel de Azevedo for Hollow Tooth (France)


Best Production Design

Ainur Malayeva for Bring Me Home (Kazakhstan)

Alistair Saunders for Memory Man (UK)

Carlos J. López and Carlos B. Luise for Deep Shock (UK)

Christopher Yager for Zenith (USA)

Frida R. Oliva for Darling, Darling, Wendy (USA)

Kelly Fallon for Butterfly (USA)

Monika Rose for One Last Last Heist (Canada)

Vince Moskowec for Well Spent (Canada)


Best Original Story

Bonnie Foster for Butterfly (USA)

Jianxing Chen for Invisible Waves (China)

Kiriakos Kotsinis for Forgotten Alive (Greece)

Meredith Grace Dabney for Here Today (USA)

Scott Hoffman for Post-Graduate (USA)


Best Cinematography

Alexander Mair for Masterpieces (Austria)

Alfonso Chin for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Austin Schmit for Pier Las Vegas (USA)

Justin Arbabi for Zenith (USA)

Sean McDaniel for Butterfly (USA)


Best Editing

Christopher M Armstrong for Memory Man (UK)

Daniel Salinas for Deep Shock (UK)

Justin Arbabi for Zenith (USA)

Lauren Freedman and Alisa Khosrovschahi for Aspire to the Sky: The Wilshire Grand Story (USA)

Nils Dunsche for Exkursion (Germany)


Best Sound Design

Brando Dalo and Justin Arbabi for Zenith (USA)

Christian Valente for Deep Shock (UK)

David Suchanek for The Itch (USA)

Kazz for Boo in the Loo (Singapore)

Mark Webster and Soren Andersen for Memory Man (UK)


Best Sound Editing

Chris Dreher for One Afternoon in the Woods (UK)

Justas Levickas for Cowboy (Lithuania)

Mario Giulianelli for Deep Shock (UK)


Best Sound Mixing

Sabyr Mapan and Islam Massimov for Bring Me Home (Kazakhstan)

Matteo Risi for Deep Shock (UK)

Kathryn Musto and Samuel J. O’Connell for Blackhole. (USA)


Best Costume Design

Katarina Poljak for Incredible Machine GlassBody (USA)

Sandra Shay and Alina Ivette for Darling, Darling, Wendy (USA)

Wasted Couture for Wasters (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Daniele Nastasi and Niamhy Glynn for Deep Shock (UK)

Gabriela Castellanos for Darling, Darling, Wendy (USA)

Stenches (USA)


Best Special Makeup

Aizhan Ordabayeva for Bring Me Home (Kazakhstan)

Sarah O’Brien for Deep Shock (UK)

Raúl Muñoz and Ivon Blancas for Delirium (Mexico)


Best Visual FX

Melissa Chan for Boo in the Loo (Singapore)

Miguel Serón for Deep Shock (UK)

Moritz Brandes for Exkursion (Germany)


Best Original Score

Alvand Jalali for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Giulio De Gaetano for Deep Shock (UK)

John Anthony Rowland for Memory Man (UK)

Luna Pan for In the Midst of Love (Australia)

Tom Porter for Darling, Darling, Wendy (USA)


Best Original Song

Deep Inside the Shock by Giulio De Gaetano for Deep Shock (UK)

Through Your Eyes by Katherine Alford for Through Your Eyes (Australia)

World’s End by Fighting Giants for Fighting Giants Visual EP (USA)




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