Performance Nominations: October 2022

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Best Director (Female)

Lisa Singletary for 11:11 (USA)

Rayna Campbell for The Spell That Backfired (USA)

Rongheng Sun for Diving (China)

Best Director (Male)

Darshan Singh Bhuller for Nala (USA)

James A Sims for D.A.D. (USA)

Kenneth Yeung for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Mitchell Linden for The Visit (USA)

Silas Dunn for Collector (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)


Best Student Director (Male)

Akseli Leppänen for Early Bird (Estonia)

Brandon Vollaro and Humberto Gal’lino for Should’ve Called It (USA)

Dylan Meyer for Recoil (USA)

Hiram Zhou for Evacuation Point (China)

Noah Pescara for After You (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Allison Bergman for Gastropod (USA)

Caylee Sacks for 4ur Protection (USA)

Jasmine Marie for Infatuation (USA)

Lauren Veen and Ephi Stempler for The Girl That Got Away (USA)

Nell Dashiell for GPS (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Connell Oberman for Graveyard (USA)

Edward Wandrick for Everywhere (USA)

Hiag Avsharian for Pulling The Goalie (USA)

Ian Williams for Our Beautiful World (USA)

Tadeu Vieira Marinho for Gemini (Brazil)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

H. Dyllan Hobeck for Routine (USA)

Lara Siburu Poirier for Watering the Wilting (Brazil)

Rae Bai for My Blind Friend (China)

Raina (Yoonji) Sunwoo for Peeping Tom (South Korea)

Zhanran Chen for Jenseits der Stille (China)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Emerson Del Monte and John Vogel for Cumulus Nimrod (USA)

George Wilson for Poetry Night (USA)

Haoyang Fu for Uyghur Dolans (China)

Junzhe Tang for Brilliance (China)

Winston Verdult for Chasm (USA)

Best Actress

Charlotte Hendrickx for The Spell That Backfired (USA)

Raquel Abalos for Ms. Therapist (USA)

Terrica Walker for Everywhere (USA)

Best Actor

David Seiniger for Graveyard (USA)

Deance Wyatt for Everywhere (USA)

Haris Samar for Sister (Denmark)

Best Acting Duo

Christopher John Karr and Ryan de Quintal for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Emily Battles and K Cody Hunt for Spice Things Up (USA)

George Zouvelos and Deanna Doyle for Ashes to Ashes (USA)

Joey Baribault and Kendall Krueger for Should’ve Called It (USA)

Margot Pitts and Davin Polk for The Hike (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Drew Thomason, Natalie Mazzoni, Angela DiMarco, Robert Fuette, and Erik Franklin for Raising the Stakes (USA)

Greg Baldwin, Heather Bell, Michel Dominguez-Beddome, and Maggie Colligan for The Exhibition of Expedition 37 (USA)

John F Hebert, Ryan Gibson, and Miche Braden for Curtains Down: The Last Rod (USA)

Madelynn Von Ritz, Romy Cutler, and Wendy Cutler for Generations (USA)

Robert Torti, Suanne Spoke, Eric Keitel, Thomas W. Ashworth, Philip Sokoloff, and Karina Yzobel for Gastropod (USA)




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