Performance Nominations: May 2021

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Best Director (Female)

Asya Nikolaeva for Ballet (Ukraine)

Hemma Kearney for Two Worlds, Not One (UK)

Jordan Rader for The Invite (USA)

Nisreen Alsbeihi for What Remains of Me (Jordan)

Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan for Fantasy of Companionship Between Human and Inanimate (Singapore)

Best Director (Male)

Damir Yaqouti and Hassan Yaqouti for Morning Flavors (Morocco)

Tim True for Miss Mary Mack (USA)

Uwe Flade for The Spray (Germany)

Victor Harder Hesel for The King of Nowhere (Denmark)

Vladimir Lifschutz and Julien Reneaut for Automne (France)

Best Student Director (Female)

Jamie Norrie for Toxic Shock (Canada)

Morgan M. Montgomery for Astral (USA)

Onna Pluciennik for Honey! (Canada)

Best Student Director (Male)

Dusan Brown for Cereal (USA)

Elias Gandy for Hen & Ham (USA)

Julian Simon Pache for Trees Under Water (Germany)

Mylo Butler for Sundown Town (USA)

Tapweski Sandaine for Forest for Trees (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Cleo Brown for The Young Wife (Canada)

Elizabeth Godar for Change for a Five (USA)

Narmar Hanna for The Luxury Rental (USA)

Sally Marian Rubin for Pinky String (USA)

Tasha Cerny for My Dead Roommate (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Adam Juegos for The Porns (USA)

Andy Bui for Dandelion’s Promise (USA)

Jack Fay for Bird Feeder (USA)

Noah Benjamin Miller for Lapse (USA)

Orion Keen for Blue Heron (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Carter Stoudt for The Liberty Bell and The Assembly of Freedom (USA)

Hao Zhenjia for What If (China)

Thomas Fitzgerald for It’s Her (USA)

Best Actress

Arlene Arnone Bibbs for Bird Feeder (USA)

Dani Savka for Velvet Crush (USA)

Erin Loretta Mackey for Toxic Shock (Canada)

Natasha Luna for What We Find in the Night (USA)

Phoebe Gu for Paper Airplane (USA)

Best Actor

Clément Rivère for Automne (France)

Dusan Brown for Cereal (USA)

Howard Raik for Bird Feeder (USA)

Jeb Aufiero for Hen & Ham (USA)

Noah Miller for Lapse (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Brooke Lyons for Perdition (USA)

Jennifer Adams for Hen & Ham (USA)

Marley Snow-King for Wander (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress


Best Child/Young Actor

Benjamin Yung for Who Is Jerry Adams? (Switzerland)

Jesse Ray Gentry for Forest for Trees (USA)

Keveon Keggler for Man (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Billy Baker and Michael Dean for Blue Heron (USA)

Brandon Pokowski and Jennifer Scott for The 9th Step (USA)

Paloma Zampieri and Magnolia Zampieri for Birdhouse (USA)

Sydney Lovering and Lexie Lovering for Miss Mary Mack (USA)

Tashan Thornton and Michael Haggerty for Sundown Town (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Angela Cole, Lina Edwards, and Katelynn Newberry for Pretty Metal (USA)

Danny Bass, Jessy Leigh, Sean Manos, Taylor Adams, Jesse DiFranco, Brendan Firem, Diana Franhauser, Rob Grant III, Greg A. Smith, and Julie Temple for The Meeting (USA)

Elias Allaf, Hasnaa Moumni, Zakaria Atifi, Hamza Nhaila, and Yassir El Fakri for Morning Flavors (Morocco)

Jee Heng Liao, David Dotterer, Wataru Nishida, Audrey Yeoman, Jess Renee, Sarah Jayne Rothkopf, Sui Nakashima, Kochatorn Boonmark, Jasmina Makota, and Mallory Moser for The Porns (USA)

Micah Lyons, Brooke Lyons, Bill Foster, Matt Williams, Jason C. Campbell, Mike Alvarado, John Bit Pruitt, and Jeff Martin for Perdition (USA)




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