Nominations: May 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of May competing in 63 different categories. These projects were shortlisted from a 42% acceptance rate official selection pool, based on submissions from 23 countries with a total runtime of 41:31:02. The nominees represent 29,4% of all submitted projects.

Categories not listed below have no submissions meeting the requirements.

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Best Indie Short

Automne by Vladimir Lifschutz and Julien Reneaut (France)

Blue Heron by Orion Keen (USA)

Lapse by Noah Benjamin Miller (USA)

Man by Ron Clemons (USA)

The King of Nowhere by Victor Harder Hesel (Denmark)

Best Drama Short

Change for a Five by Elizabeth Godar (USA)

Hen & Ham by Elias Gandy (USA)

Pap’s Manifesto by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark (USA)

Wander by Phillip Angele (USA)

What We Find in the Night by Keenan O’Reilly (USA)

Best Documentary Short

All Roads Lead Home by Maria Simonsen, My Boonchuvong Walther, and Eline Ødegaard (Norway)

As Organism by Moe Taylor and Kathryn E F Taylor (USA)

Jerry Quarry: Boxing’s Hard Luck Warrior by Richard Poche (USA)

Mr. 50 by Aaron Chapman (USA)

What Remains of Me by Nisreen Alsbeihi (Jordan)

Best Comedy Short

The Family Business by Nicholas Muhlbach (USA)

The Invite by Jordan Rader (USA)

The Porns by Adam Juegos (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

Holy Zombie by Cam Marshall (USA)

Recycle by Paul Ramshaw (USA)

Toxic Shock by Jamie Norrie (Canada)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Exaltation by Kevin P Kearney (USA)

The Lesson by Robbie Barnes (USA)

The Meeting by DC Evans (USA)

Trees Under Water by Julian Simon Pache (Germany)

Velvet Crush by Michael Boston (USA)

Best Crime Short


Best Mystery Short

Amber Hourglass by Conor Gleeson (Canada)

The Spray by Uwe Flade (Germany)

Voices by Frank Zotter and Shaz Mohsin (Canada)

Best Thriller Short

Miss Mary Mack by Tim True (USA)

Two Worlds, Not One by Hemma Kearney (UK)

Your One And Only by Alice Biletska (USA)

Best Horror Short

Dissociation by Travis Patten (USA)

Sundown Town by Mylo Butler (USA)

Wisteria by William Kahn and Alexandre Foy (USA)

Best Fantasy Short

A Flower Dreams by Robert Asencio (USA)

Who Is Jerry Adams? by Michael Degani (Switzerland)

You’ll See by Steve Mauer (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Western Short


Best Animation Short

Druids by Shwan Nostrapour (UK)

Fantasy of Companionship Between Human and Inanimate by Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan (Singapore)

Gekou by Ajisa (Japan)

James Bong – The Super High Secret Spy by Daniel Cox (USA)

Magic Dream by Tomás Welss Barkan (Chile)

Best Children Short

Best Love by Yiling Ao (USA)

Birdhouse by Max Zampieri (USA)

Fantasy of Companionship Between Human and Inanimate by Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan (Singapore)

Morning Flavors by Damir Yaqouti and Hassan Yaqouti (Morocco)

Who Is Jerry Adams? by Michael Degani (Switzerland)

Best Women Short

McCrorey Rd. by Shane Coffey (USA)

My Dead Roommate by Tasha Cerny (USA)

Never Die by Xue Song (China)

The Wild Woman and the Painter by Erin Whited-Ford (USA)

Things I Can’t See by Andi Rados (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

I Can’t Say It Yet by Miguel Bayon Jacobson and Will Yeaman (USA)

It’s Just Me by Jared Moossy (USA)

Pancha Tequila by Frank Reyes and Luis Castillo (Spain)

Best Microfilm

Godspeed by Johney Birrell (USA)

La Marelle by Alexandre Nicot (France)

Teddy by Lisa Bell Roden (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Angst by Robert Landau (USA)

She by Alex Bush (USA)

The Beaks by Jiangnan Hou (USA)

Then I Died by Yukii Li (China)

We Know Our Worth? by Behrooz Abbasi (Iran)

Best Student Short

Astral by Morgan M. Montgomery (USA)

Bird Feeder by Jack Fay (USA)

Bon Appetite by Seung Joon An, Jiwon Kang, and Min Jae Kim (South Korea)

Cereal by Dusan Brown (USA)

Forest for Trees by Tapweski Sandaine (USA)

Best Screendance Short

Doors by Alisa Rasera (USA)

I Wish I Could Dance by Tigran Sargsyan (USA)

The One I Wanted To Be by Paula Higa (USA)

Best Music Video

Ballet by Asya Nikolaeva (Ukraine)

Rai (Heaven) by Cristian Balint (Romania)

Rubbing Paper Bag On Stubble by Juune Lee and Thibaud Kessell (Australia)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

As Organism by Moe Taylor and Kathryn E F Taylor (USA)

Conversations by Tomás Ratón (Spain)

Pretty Metal by Mikhail Tot (USA)

Spare Me by Hannah Barbakoff (USA)

Tone-Def by Travon Brumfield (USA)

Best Mobile Short


Best Parody Short


Best Trailer/Teaser


Best Short Script

Final Vows by Tim Wesemann and Josh Herum (USA)

Insanity by Roberto Marrero (USA)

Sans Everything by Yanzi Ding (USA)

Sticky by Soroush (Iran)

The Perfect Bond by Brandon John David Williams (UK)




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