Performance Nominations: March 2022

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Best Director (Female)

Carine Hazan for Mammas (France)

Diane Lansing for Trust (USA)

Fabianne Gstöttenmayr for The Ex (USA)

Kari Melissa Kennon for Hard Up (USA)

Tash Ann for Abstraction (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Adam Nowak for I Am Here (Poland)

Chris Guiral for Broken Service (USA)

Christopher David Harrell for Uncle Blank (USA)

Dan Löwenstein for That’s Just Me (UK)

Michael Spencer for A Little Tent (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Anna Cappello for It’s That Time of the Year Again (USA)

Neela Gerayli for Martha (USA)

Ziling Chen for The Last Hunter (China)

Best Student Director (Male)

Daohong Wang for Phasmophobia (USA)

Joey Jordan for Buddy Bot (USA)

John Colón for Los Perdidos (The Lost Ones) (USA)

Nguyen Ho for Sunflowers (USA)

Vahan Bedelian for Fitz (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Catherine Schetina for Familial (USA)

Flora Charlotte Lopategui for Olive (UK)

Melissa Davidson for Unbarred (Australia)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Erik Thompson for Wailing Silence (USA)

Hörður Skúlason for Dark Wind (Iceland)

Robert Moon for WIC 300 (USA)

Sam Silverstein for Lucky Undies (USA)

Yi Yang for Enclosed (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Nayon Lee for Smother (Hong Kong)

Neela Gerayli for Gift of Life (USA)

Neela Gerayli for Martha (USA)

Temima Shifteh for Imposter (USA)

Ziling Chen for The Last Hunter (China)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)


Best Actress

Emily Bader for Trust (USA)

Faith Bowman for Abstraction (USA)

Heather McPhaul for 1 (USA)

Lucy Nicholson for Olive (UK)

Nina Lortkipanidze for The Fourth is of a Devil (Georgia)

Best Actor


Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor

Adam Herschman for Lucky Undies (USA)

Christian Schulte for Blitz (USA)

Jed Bernard for Dying for a Living (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Andrew Long and Sunday Saari for Wailing Silence (USA)

Erin Clark and Michael Moskewicz for Forest Giants (USA)

Sarah Moon and Melissa Davidson for Unbarred (Australia)

Sebastian Cybulski and Kinga Jasik for I Am Here (Poland)

Timothy Bottoms and Jill Jaress for I Love Louie (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Carine Ribert, Anne Canovas, Sophie Pincemaille, Sophie le Tellier, Dorothée Munyaneza, Claire Assali, Cyrielle Voguet, Isalinde Giovangigli, and Marie Hennerez for Mammas (France)

Elyse Mirto, Jennifer Soo, Laurel Toupal, John L. Curtis, Jesus Adrian Kirker, Nyree Neil, and Sarah Wolter for WIC 300 (USA)

Joshua King Brooks, James Teehan, Marissa Madsen, and Sean Redding for Broken Service (USA)

Patrick Kirton, Tanya McMaster, and Jennifer Carsillo for Hard Up (USA)

Sigurgeir Jónsson, Þórey Sigþórsdóttir, Tristan Theodórsson, and Tinna Þorvalds Önnudóttir for Dark Wind (Iceland)




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