Semi-Finalists: March 2022

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A World Turned Around by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

An Elephant in LA by Rico Schwartzberg (USA)

An Ode To Teaching by Robert Joseph Williams (USA)

Andromede – The Symphonic Short Film by Bryane Da Cunha and Thibaut Vuillermet (France)

Bars and Tone Chapter Bridge by Sze Lung Ng (Hong Kong)

Bigfoot? Bigger Men! by Carter Schaeffer (USA)

Blue by Joy Waldinger (USA)

Can’t Stop by K. Bly (USA)

Catch Up by Nicholas Nazmi and Peter Falls (USA)

Checkmate by Sebastian Johnson-Deal (USA)

Chinquapin by Sean Guistini (Canada)

Deoch Dance by Orlagh Heverin (Ireland)

Do Unto Others by Angela Wu (USA)

Don Chronicles 3: End of Dawn by Deepak Savanur (USA)

Dreaming of Change by Moses Jaquez (USA)

Emergency Musical Response by Cosmo Swevens (USA)

Epiousios by Michael Seebold (USA)

Expedition Entity: The Black Hawk War – Part 1 by Larry Eissler III (USA)

Fremd bin ich eingezogen (A Stranger I Came) by Alison Darke (UK)

Goodnights by Rich Toulmin (UK)

Griptape by Thomas Tuttle (USA)

He’s Late by Sherry Brown (USA)

Hollow by Guy Longstreet (USA)

Homecoming by Max Schuster and Reid Carrescia (USA)

I Did, Did I? by Michael Caden and Darin Eaton II (USA)

Injustice by KC Watts (USA)

It’s Your Choice by Lily Cring (USA)

Jonnie Sunset… by Van Allen Cooper (USA)

Knock Knock by K. Bly (USA)

Left of the Dial by Andrew Lawton (USA)

Leg Bro by Tianyi Lu (China)

Libre (Free) by Marina Díez (Spain)

Listening by Jonathan Moore (USA)

Lonely Season by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi (Iran)

Memory Game by Florenta Nicoleta Vatavu (UK)

Midnight Lobbies by John August Stapp (USA)

Natural Machine by Samuel Charrois (Canada)

No Pebble Tossed Redux by Christopher Willis (USA)

Not How It Goes: Because She Moved On… by Clarence Williams IV (USA)

Only A Dollar by Susie Sparkes (Australia)

Ostinato by Julie Fergus (USA)

Our Future Our Fight by Beth Murphy (USA)

Outtabounds by Emiliano Bolado (USA)

Paranoia by Richard Zapien (USA)

Pop by Aamina Treymeine (USA)

Real Men Cry by Jordan Scott (USA)

Regret by Art Hernandez (USA)

Rivals by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Roundel by Barbara Andress, Cynthia De Cecco, and Fil Kewanyama (USA)

Self-Help Series 2 by Bethan Williams and Tom Bridger (UK)

Status Updates – The Neighbors by Brad Ulbrich and Stephen Ling (USA)

Sunny by Vito Leo (Australia)

Sunset & Vine by Olajide O Hamed (USA)

Sushi by Tim Martin (USA)

Suspension of Beliefs by Majd Safia (USA)

Sweet Temptations by William Thomason (USA)

Tasteless by Shady Mawajdeh (USA)

The Constitution: Sacred or Sinister? by Lindsey Larkin (USA)

The Crusader by Cameron Klein (USA)

The Harmony of Opposites by Alessandro Yin and Yang (Italy)

The Inner Circle by Teddy Moreno (USA)

The Last Time We Dance by Emerald Hardy (USA)

The Lucky One by Yichi Zhang (USA)

The Red Phone by Elijah Roberts (USA)

The Writer’s Table by Miguel Jose Wacher (USA)

Time Machine by Scott Feldmann and Brad Colerick (USA)

To Add Oil by Oliver Lin (Taiwan)

Void by Tristan Crawford (USA)

Waiting for Eve by Ima von Wenden (UK)

Yuya by Phillip Goldner (USA)

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