Nominations for Performance: September 2023

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Best Female Director

Elena Fitikidou Alonefti for Suspended (Cyprus)

Keshet Gadish for Self Service (Israel)

Lael Pollack for Just Us (USA)

Best Male Director

Benjamin Pollack for What Ever Happened to Jonny Faith (USA)

Drew Ames for Sold! An American Stockyards Story (USA)

M.D. Walton for Dear Ernie (USA)

Best Student Female Director

Akshita Jaswal for Masala Chai (USA)

Cashmira Pramanik for Red Fountain (UK)

Jiayi Liu for Rose Ice Jelly (China)

Best Student Male Director

Adam Gephart Shimberg for Screen Test (USA)

Dan Zeng for Curve (China)

Seth Imperial for InConvenience (USA)

Best First Time Female Director

Amy Zapien and Christopher Sonny Martinez for La Conjunta (USA)

Elsa Xu for Navel (USA)

Emilia Pérez Rocha Santos for Los Ayeres de Hoy (USA)

Best First Time Male Director

Michael Naizu and John Wilcox for Panacea (USA)

Shane LeCocq for A Touch of Magic (USA)

Vinny O’Brien for Ellie (USA)

Best Young Male Filmmaker

Atticus Lutz for Serious Condition (USA)

Nicolás Dimópulos for Telescope (Argentina)

Skylar DeForest for The Rug (USA)

Best Actress

Carlotta Parodi for Big Noise (Italy)

Lenia Sorokou for Suspended (Cyprus)

Rebecca Klingler for Dear Ernie (USA)

Best Actor

Austin Chunn for Shadows (USA)

Frank Noon for What Ever Happened to Jonny Faith (USA)

Lance E. Nichols for A Touch of Magic (USA)

Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Anita Sharma and Aleena Bashir for Masala Chai (USA)

Natasha Dewhurst and Derrick DeBlasis for Just Us (USA)

Phoebe Pearl and Ramiro Quezada for Ships Passing (USA)

Ryan De Quintal snd Timothy Oakes for Omerta: The Commission Has Fallen (USA)

Siobhan Carroll and Imogen Finlayson for The Reunion (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Blake Leon, Michael Paré, Larry Hankin, Sade Katarina, Jax Buresh, and Ash T for The Stairwell (USA)

Dan Rathke, Juliet Chevelle, Shannon Lepard, Tyler Visagie, Lindsay Lewis, and Preston Bounds for Who Invited The Robots? (USA)

Gabriel Rivas, Jorge Luis Moreno, Sebastian Segura, and Ariel Wang for Five Tool Player (USA)

Lance E. Nichols, Rhonda Johnson Dents, Trina LaFargue, and Kermit Burns for A Touch of Magic (USA)

Trevor Murphy, Vikash Kawa, David Clubb, and Harrison Chadwick for Red Fountain (UK)




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