Semi-Finalists: September 2023

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A Curious Woman by Kelby Thwaits (USA)

Anastasis: A Visual Album by Lachlan Kramer and Mitchell Henry West (Australia)

Before I Go by Francisco J Bolivar (USA)

Blood Will Have Blood by John Kestner (USA)

Bug by Hyunwoo Cho (South Korea)

Contentment by Judie Alice Zhang (New Zealand)

Death’s a Toast by Sam Blais (USA)

Descension (Day 267) by John M Kline and Baba Brouk Peters (USA)

DOC: Race, Revolution, Relativity & The Confessions of a Time Traveling Terrorist by Tarik Rashaan Davis and Laura K Nicoll (USA)

Drink In The Pain by E.J. Acosta (USA)

Everything is Quiet Now by Dallin Hodgkin (USA)

Genkaku: Tonari No On’nanoko by Uğur Onat (Turkey)

Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer by Ross McGowan (USA)

He Enters Through Its Head & Leaves From Its Tail by Emilia Botterini de Pelosi (Italy)

Heart Eyes by Gordy De St. Jeor (USA)

In The Zone by Connor Pritchard (New Zealand)

In Your Head by Violet Zeug (USA)

Lights from Submerged Worlds by Fabio Canale (Brazil)

Listen by Casey Schaffer (USA)

Lone On The Range by Skylar DeForest (USA)

Night Of The Beast by Xavier Justin Collazo (USA)

Nobody There by Erich Becker (Germany)

One Way Out by Morgan Kuo (USA)

Ressonância Schumann by Siao Feerum (Brazil)

Rupture by Ricardo Torres (USA)

Scrum Wars – Episode 1: A New Sprint by Jaz Garewal (USA)

Sister by Peiwen Xie (USA)

Slice by Kenny Tiller (USA)

Someone Twice by Ace Shu (USA)

Speaking with the Ancestors by Richard E Haywood (USA)

The Biggie Billion by Thomas Tuttle (USA)

The Counseling by Yingna Wu (USA)

The Dark Night of the Soul by Tamara Guthrie-Muro (USA)

The Gambler by John J. Lynch (USA)

The Serbian Dancing Lady by Angel J Gago (USA)

The Spider by C. Caruso (USA)

The Unhuman Voice by Dmitriy Usov (USA)

The Way Women Are by Adam Tuliński (Poland)

Two Conjure by Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA)

Voices of Innocents – Episode 1 by Ishma Yusaf Valenti I and Denis Paul Circo (USA)

Welcome to Watertown by Kat Dubrow (USA)

When The Sun Rises by Giuliana Cenatiempo and Katherine Donnelly (USA)

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