Indie Short Fest


“Choices” is an experimental film wherein seven different couples perform the same scene in the same space. All seven conversations are cut together into a single scene with fourteen characters. So many choices! The goal was to showcase as diverse a cast as possible including different genders, races, handicaps, and sexual orientations, turning a seeming innocuous conversation into an exploration on how we humans are the same yet unique.
Directed by Kevin Rosen-Quan (USA)

Searching for a Beautiful Bachelor

A docudramedy combining real life and drama scenes in a serious comedy of gathering information on Canadian Bachelors while lead player Helene consults a gypsy, Zolar, in her search for her beautiful Bachelor. Her travels take her from Ontario to Nova Scotia as the movie documents ideas from real people integrated into her dramatic search.
Directed by Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle (Canada)


A busy Ad agency exec finds herself being pressured into trying a new dating app by her 3 best friends. She ultimately finds a clever way to appease them and still get her job done, until her clever plan throws her for a loop of its own.
Directed by Dani Coleman (USA)


Jim is working in his garage on a late summer night when he notices someone standing at the end of the driveway. What seemed like a typical night working on his truck, quickly turns into a nightmare.
Directed by Jordan Wright (USA)


​Cynthia goes on a blind date with Alex in the Columbia River Gorge. Surrounded by the beauty and volatility of nature, Cynthia gets more than she bargained for from both her date and the hike.
Directed by Dawn Jones Redstone (USA)

The Guardian of the Narnian Gate

The Guardian of the Narnian Gate is a mockumentary about a man called Joshua who believes Narnia is a real place. The film follows Joshua as he attempts to show a documentary filmmaker the way to Narnia on the streets of London. The character of Joshua bears some resemblance to Don Quixote, as he tries to make sense of his belief in the world around him.
Directed by Tom Hadrill (UK)


A Gwen Stefani doll comes between the friendship of two housemates, Dan and Anthony. Tensions rise and culminate in a shocking end.
Directed by Candace Wise (Australia)

Bring Me Mome

Young girl Asiya dreams of singing on the big stage to the accompaniment of her little brother, and so that mom and dad would witness this joyful and exciting event. But dreams cannot come true. The nightmares that visit her become reality. Creatures that destroyed her family happiness and took the lives of relatives appear and try to reach her.
Directed by Dair Karakeev (Kazakhstan)