Indie Short Fest


“Chaos makes us alive, Destiny kills us.” Three moments, three characters, the same person. The past shapes us, changes the present and distorts the future. we can’t run away from the events, which create the monsters that define who we are. A shock suffered by the subject during his childhood will mark him for the rest of his life.
Directed by Giacomo Morlando (Italy)


A man walking through Brooklyn is hit with a moment of intense nostalgia after stumbling across a familiar place.
Directed by Evyn Williams (USA)


While anticipating someone to join him, a young man takes notice of the increasingly eccentric patrons in the restaurant.
Directed by Anthony Cally (USA)

Remembering Eric Lowhouse

Erik Lowhouse has died. While the rest of the student body reacts to the alarming news, freshman Wolfgang (Wolfy) has trouble recollecting him. Enjoying their time off from school, Wolfy and his friends encounter a group of upperclassmen, Steve and Taylor, who have unfavorable ties to the underclassmen. Through peer pressure, Steve convinces Wolfy to join them and is arbitrarily thrown into their world of mischief.
Directed by Paul Curtis (USA)

Mobius Dream

“Mobius Dream” is a story about a high school girl, whose monotony school life is disturbed by the encounter of a purple-hair stranger in her dream. The fact that they have the exact same earrings in the shape of mobius boosts the girl’s curiosity. This incident drives her onto a journey of self-realization.
Directed by Jinmeng Li (China)

Killing Time with Lizzie Boredom

Lizzie Boredom is a reclusive sociopath who has convinced herself she’s a television star. Following a traumatic childhood event, Lizzie locked herself away in a rickety old house that she later inherited after her parents mysteriously disappeared.

For 25 years, Lizzie’s only escape is through her own nightmarish delusions, where she’s the star of her own ghastly sitcom.
Directed by Elizabeth Theis (USA)