Indie Short Fest

A Normal Life

Once a daughter of a commune member feels neglected, she decides to take surprising actions to obtain more love and attention. 
Directed by Leon de Levita (Netherlands)

Clean Sweep

A short story about an emerging politician who attempts to clean corruption from his country in Africa, as he faces an unexpected challenge.
Directed by Diego Fraga (Brazil)

A Brief Wait

An elderly man visits his wife’s grave for the first time after her death and is interrupted by a bewildering young girl.
Directed by Jason Shumway (USA)

5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech

Conventional wisdom tells us hate has no value. Hate is dangerous. Hate is harmful. And if we are to achieve social justice, we must put a stop to hate speech. Silence it by any means necessary.

But, what if the fight to stop hate speech is more harmful than the speech itself?

Through interviews with First Amendment experts, activists, and journalists, Lou Perez of We the Internet TV lays out “5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech” in this mini documentary.
Directed by Molly Dedham (USA)

The Beginning of Summer

Jane Ruhm is a retired costume designer and UCLA professor who lives in Los Angeles with her cat Zazou. She hosts many get-together on holidays. On Memorial day 2019 she talks about a memory of her family who is not-so-close anymore. This is a story about finding her own family who is not tied by blood but with respect and love.
Directed by Kumie Asai (USA)

Blood, Water and Money

The three sisters Hanna, Jolene and Shania have a session with mediator Henry, who desperately tries to sort out their conflict about a rather huge amount of money. Turns out that non-violent communication is not the best way to solve the problem.
Directed by Sarah Goldschmidt (Austria)

The Hebron Protocol

Deep within the Israeli occupied West Bank is the city of Hebron. Although rich with cultural and religious history, today’s Hebron has become representative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Segregated living, intense security, and violent clashes have created an eerie, restless environment that is always on edge. Welcome to Hebron.
Directed by Jared Leong (USA)