Block 4 – Indies

Auditorium #12: 4.15pm – 5.50pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023


The true story of a 15 year old boy longing to leave home to start an adventure in joining the First World War.

Directed by Steffi West Harshberger (USA)

World premiere

Out of competition (qualified for the next annual awards event)

Like Cloud

A young boy with a juvenile record determined to turn a new chapter in his life, while an old man in a nursing home pleaded with the young man to end his life. Because of their different perspectives about death, their life faces a great challenge.

Directed by Chengyang Xie (China)

World premiere

Soft Landing

Ten years after an accident on a mission that resulted in the death of his best friend, a retired astronaut comes to terms with his life and attempts to make things right.

Directed by Josh Ohea (USA)

Out of competition (qualified for the next annual awards event)


In a dilapidated cellphone shop on the outskirts of the city, two shady photographers are “appreciating” the intimate scenes of a couple in the hotel through a hidden camera. At this moment, there is a sudden virus outbreak spreading throughout the city. The actions taken by the shady photographers triggered a series of consequences that no one expected….

Directed by Wayne Yu (China)

California premiere

Mother in the Mist

Following Wuhan’s Coronavirus lockdown, a rural single mother embarks on a dangerous journey in search of her preemie newborn baby stranded in Wuhan City Hospital.

Directed by Kay Niuyue Zhang (USA)


Punjab immigrant Amar lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and drives for a pipe shop delivering weed underground for his Korean boss. The day before the 2020 American election, he wakes up with a stiff neck. During the course of the day Amar does his daily routines while desperately wants a relief from his neck pain. A small wish leads down to a dark road in the midst of the new reality of 2020.

Directed by Haohao Yan (USA)

California premiere