Block 12 – Noir & Mysteries

Auditorium #14: 4.05pm – 5.55pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023


A woman breaks a vow of silence in order to return a mattress.

Directed by Tim T. Cahill (USA)

World premiere

(out of competition, qualified for the next annual awards event)

The Everlast

A young looking housewife learns a family secret on her 50th birthday.

Directed by Robert Flowers (USA)

The Everlast

We Are

During a cold winter night, two twin sisters confront one another about the place each one takes in the other’s life. Are these sisters twins in their minds or are they actually blood related ? Do they love or hate each other ? Either way, there can be only one left…

Directed by Gregory Sankara (France)

North America premiere

Hot Take

A chance meeting with a big-budget film director sends a stoner screenwriter and his manic actor friend spiraling towards a violent abyss.

Directed by Arthur Glover (USA)

The Deep End

The Deep End

A piano tuner gets caught up in a botched home invasion.

Directed by Jack Fessenden (USA)

California premiere

Judas by the Sea

The missing of Tongtong, Jiang Feng and Lin Xin’ daughter, upends their life completely. Lin Xin resents Jiang Feng failing to protect their daughter. And all these attribute to Jiang Feng’s suspicion of Tongtong’s origin. In order to find their daughter, Jiang Feng begin to wander about all corners of the country.

Directed by Wiggle Ng (China)

North America premiere