Block 1 – Kids

Auditorium #12: 11.00am – 12.40pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023

Sina ma Tinirau

When a prince is cursed to become an eel and has to win the love of a beautiful woman to become human again, he gifts her with his body in the form of a coconut palm tree in a seductive display. A classic tale set on Rotuma in Fiji.

Directed by Vilsoni Tausie Hereniko (USA)

North America premiere


Since he wants to know everything about everything, this 8 years old boy spend all of his time reading books. But there are things no book can explain…

Directed by Côme Ferré (France)

Bright Like The Sun

Kaung Myat Htun is a superhero that lives in stealth. A traditionally obedient Burmese child in a family of tailors, he goes about his day exploring golden pagodas of which Myanmar is famous for, whilst gradually revealing that he is no ordinary human child.

Directed by Thida Nathalie (UK)

North America premiere

An Island Drifts

Set in Singapore, a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student. The act leads to devastating results.

Directed by Vivian Ip (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


It’s 2001 in small-town Michigan where 10 year old best friends, Frances and Mickey, live on the same street and worship the same pop star.

Directed by Alison Yardley (USA)

Fault Line

A sweeping drama, “Fault Line” takes us on an odyssey of loss in the far west Texas town of Marfa.

Directed by Lauren Himmelvo (USA)