Confessions of Carlo Gambino

Confessions of Carlo Gambino

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Act 1
An elderly Carlo Gambino, looking more fragile, enters the church with his bodyguard. Wanting privacy and to be alone, he waves him off, blesses himself with holy water, lights two candles, then enters confessional. Being a devout Catholic, Carlo has practiced this routine many times.

Act 2
Carlo sits alone in the vastness of this empty church, recalling the memories of his deceased wife and love of his life, Kathryn.
Carlo is angry with God, requests his presence to confront him. A light from the altar shines brightly, Carlo is in the presence of God.
Wanting to appease the Lord, Carlo explains how he’s become the man he is. Being born in the honored society, learning the life of crime at a young age, surrounded by crime bosses and the like, Carlo has reached the pinnacle of the life, the life of a Don.

Act 3
Carlo has bared his soul, having never spoken this truth before. He’s tired, ill, and knows the end is near. He’s shared his secrets that he’s held so closely, and is ready for God’s judgment.

The lights dim, Carlo is now in eternal peace.
The priest extinguishes the candles, to solidify the end.

More Information
This story is very reflective of The Godfather. Vito Corleone’s life was patterned after Carlo Gambino.

An immigrant from Sicily, comes to America, and rises to power in the most powerful crime organization, La Cosa Nostra.

Directed by Michael Cipiti and Edward Lee Cornett (USA)

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